Staying Entertained While on the Road

Entertainment on the RoadTaking trips in your RV, whether by yourself, with friends, or with the family in tow, is a great way to experience travel and the world around you. But, to get from point A to point B, there will be some driving involved. In fact, there might be lots of driving involved. It’s during those stretches of time on the open road that you may get a little stir crazy and your passengers may take up a chorus of “Are we there yet?”

Luckily, there are some great activities you can introduce to keep the fun factor high and keep everyone entertained during long drives. For example, try:

  • Listening to audiobooks – There may be a bit of an argument on which book to choose, especially if you have a family of kids with mixed ages, but you’ll surely find some appropriate options that will appeal to both you and your crew. Think classic books, adventure stories, and books that have been made into movies everyone in your household enjoyed. It’s easy to get audiobooks on CD and on apps like Audible. You can even use an app called Hoopla, which allows you to link to your local library card and virtually “check out” an audiobook and access it on your smartphone.
  • Listening to a curated playlist – Before your trip or during a rest stop, put together one or more playlists of your favorite tunes, whether using apps on your phone or your music player of choice. If you’re the only one traveling, choose songs that will keep you energized and awake. If you’re with friends or family, let each member of the group choose songs to add to the playlist. To make things even more interesting, you can create playlists for different types of music and challenge everyone to select and add their favorite songs or clips in those categories. Consider movie theme music, classic rock must-haves, and even stand-up comedy sets.
  • Making unscheduled stops – Sometimes the greatest vacation memories are born out of unplanned events. Yes, having a general itinerary is important for keeping your trip on schedule, but if you just so happen to be in the neighborhood of the world’s biggest ball of twine (which is in Cawker City, Kansas, by the way), why not take a side trip and check it out? You’ll never know what you’re missing out there until you slow down and take time to experience it.
  • Playing games – Classic road trip games never fail to provide laughs and entertainment. Even if you’re driving, you can participate. You may need to have someone else write things down for you, of course, but just think – thanks your vantage point in the captain’s chair and your excellent view of the vehicles on the road, you could become the next license plate bingo champion.

So, whether your RV excursion involves just a few hours or a few weeks of driving, you can keep yourself and your passengers entertained throughout the trip. If you’re with a group, you may be surprised at how often thoughtful and enlightening conversations begin during or after playing a game or listening to music, which is the ultimate way to keep everyone engaged.

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