Practicing Fire Safety in Your RV

fire safetyHere in Florida, the spring season is a time to enjoy warm, comfortable outdoor temperatures and get out on the road in your RV to explore. But, spring can also mean dry periods without any rain, making the vegetation as dry as tinder and increasing the risk for wildfires to break out.

But in addition to keeping wildfire risk in mind, it’s important for RV owners to practice good fire safety habits at all times, regardless of the seasons, as fires can easily occur in and around an RV and are more common than one might think.

To ensure that your rig is safe for you and loved ones to travel and live in, consider the following tips:

  • Inspect wiring systems, especially in older RV models – Just like in your home, old, faulty wiring can be a fire hazard in your rig. Make sure that you frequently check your wiring for signs of fraying, overheating, disconnection, and other issues. Even better, have an electrician inspect the system for you.
  • Regularly inspect the propane system – While you can certainly check the propane system yourself, it’s best to get it inspected and certified by a professional. He or she will ensure there are no leaks in the system and everything is working properly. For added safety when you’re operating the RV and driving, don’t run the system just to cool the refrigerator. There’s a chance you could forget to turn it off before refueling or driving through a tunnel, which could lead to a dangerous explosion.
  • Keep appliances clean and in good working order – Your RV refrigerator and stove run on propane, so keeping them maintained and clean is important, particularly if your rig has been in storage outside and critters have a chance to set up shop and create nests in cozy areas. Remove access panels, check wiring for loose connections, fraying or other problems, and call a repair technician if you see anything questionable.
  • Cook carefully in the kitchen – Again, your stove can be a source of fires if not handled properly, so be sure to always pay careful attention when cooking. Never leave burners on when you leave the area and always keep a working fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Be smart about campfires and grills near the rig – It’s best to keep all outdoor fires, whether with wood or propane, as far from your RV as possible to help reduce the chance of it catching on fire. Always keep campfires contained in a pit and keep the flames low and manageable. When grilling, especially with propane, make sure there are no leaks and keep other sources of open flame away from the unit.

When you keep fire safety at the forefront of your mind and practice good, common sense habits, you’ll be able to enjoy your time in your rig with family and friends.

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