Be Prepared for Rainy Weather

rainy weatherIn many regions of the United States, a rainy day or three may be a normal occurrence throughout the spring and summer seasons. For RVers, a little rain doesn’t necessarily ruin a camping trip or travel – certainly not as much as it could for those who prefer tent camping! – but it’s still important for any RV enthusiast to prepare for dismal, rainy weather when traveling and camping.

Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Paying attention to local weather patterns and warnings – You may be familiar with the weather during certain times of the year for the region in which you live, but when you’re traveling, you won’t have that intimate knowledge to rely on. For that reason, you should keep an eye on weather reports by the local news stations wherever you are, listen to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) radio, and check meteorological websites for up-to-date information about impending weather events.
  • Being aware of the land beneath and surrounding your campsite – Depending on where you’ve parked your rig, several days of rain or even a single day’s intense downpour can cause the ground to soften beneath your wheels and/or leveling jacks. Additionally, unpaved roads that were dry when you arrived at your campsite may become severely muddy and unnavigable after a few minutes of rain. It’s important to survey your camping location, choose to park on high ground when you can, and have a game plan ready in case you need to stabilize your RV or quickly escape.
  • Planning for alternate cooking sources – If you’re boondocking, you may plan to cook primarily over an open flame outside. If so, consider bringing another cooking alternative in the event it rains. Good options include a small charcoal grill and a charcoal alternative such as the BIC FlameDisk.
  • Bringing entertaining activities and games – Even if you’re traveling with other adults, being cooped up in an RV during a rainy day can lead to boredom. As a preventive measure, pack enough games and activities to keep you, the family, and friends entertained. Playing cards or board games, reading, journaling, and watching TV and movies are all good rainy-day activities. Additionally, checking emails or playing games on laptops, tablets, and smart phones is an option, but just be sure to keep an eye on the battery charges, just in case the power goes out and using your generator isn’t possible. And if you’re staying at a campground, check to see if there are planned activities in the clubhouse or other area on the grounds that could help pass the time.
  • Taking a day trip to a nearby attractions – This may be an especially important tip if you have kids. Save the jaunts to the theater, museums, library, aquarium, planetarium, and other local attractions for rainy days.

With a little extra forethought and planning, a drizzly day won’t mess up your vacation. To learn more about preparation for traveling in your RV, rain or shine, contact us today!

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