Tips for Planning a Successful Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

Memorial DayMemorial Day weekend is a beacon of hope for many RV enthusiasts, signifying the start of the summer traveling and camping season. It heralds in warm nights, campfires, and good times with friends and family. While we’re still a month away from the long weekend in May, now is the time to start planning and organizing for your getaway.

To ensure that you can fully enjoy the holiday out in your rig instead of being stuck at home, consider the following tips:

  • Figure out exactly where you want to go by thinking about what you want to do – To help you settle on a location to head toward, think about the activities you’ll want to partake in over the weekend. Are you dreaming of kayaking and fishing in a secluded area by a lake or river? Are you looking for excitement, nightlife, and amazing places to eat? Or are you hankering for amusement parks and activities the entire family can enjoy? Knowing how you’d like to spend your time over the weekend can help you narrow down a location.
  • Make your reservations – It’s best to make reservations at a campground or state park well in advance of Memorial Day weekend, as sites may be booked up if you wait too long to snag one for yourself. To ensure that you get the perfect place to set up camp, do your research and make sure that you’re within a reasonable distance of the types of activities you want to do (see #1).
  • Prepare your rig – Whether you have a pop-up camper, a mid-size towable, or a luxury motor coach, you’ll want to prepare your RV at least a week in advance of your trip. This means checking fluids and tire pressure, making sure all systems are in good working order, cleaning and organizing the interior, and washing the exterior.
  • Plan your menu – As with any RV excursion, it’s always best to figure out what food you need to buy and what you plan to eat while you’re on your trip, well before you head out. Will the traditional grilled hamburgers and hot dogs be on the menu? Or will you opt for light and refreshing fare, such as salads and fruits? Are campfire s’mores a must have for your family? Map out what you want to eat over the weekend and then buy as many of the non-perishable food items as you can in advance of your trip. Pick up the final few perishable items on your grocery list right before you leave.
  • Gas up and check your route – Memorial Day weekend is a busy travel weekend, so make sure that your rig is gassed up the night before – doing so will help you avoid the long lines at the gas station the next day. Additionally, be aware of construction or other issues along your planned route that could cause delays.

With these tips in mind, planning your long weekend to celebrate and kick off the summer season will go smoothly. Where are you going in your RV this Memorial Day weekend? Let us know!

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