Benefits of Traveling in a Small RV

small rvWhen most people think of RVs, they envision the 30-foot-plus motorhomes and motor coaches that appear to rule the highways and byways. Owning and driving these larger rigs is amazing, to be sure, but don’t forget about the smaller options that are available to you. These small RVs – which include anything from pop-up tent trailers and Class B vans to truck campers and small Class C rigs – can open up a world of advantages for people who may otherwise be too intimidated to buy and drive a large RV.

In fact, there are plenty of benefits of owning and traveling in an RV that’s on the smaller side. For example, you’ll:

  • Be able to access roads and areas that larger travel trailers and motorhomes can’t – Are you dying to see the sunrise and sunset over your favorite, secluded mountain range? Backpacking into the area and tent camping may be your first thought, but with a small rig at your disposal, you might be able to navigate the narrow dirt roads that lead to that secluded spot and enjoy some of the comforts of home at the same time.
  • Save on fuel costs – Sure, barreling down the road in a luxury motor coach or towing an expansive travel trailer with a truck certainly has its appeal and turns heads. But those rigs can also guzzle a lot of gas. If living economically is a tenet you adhere to in your everyday life, then you likely prefer to travel economically as well. Luckily with a smaller RV, you can save on gas costs and use that money on other things during your adventures.
  • Enjoy relatively easy navigation – Small RVs are traditionally easier to drive, maneuver, and park than larger ones. This will give you more time to start enjoying your surroundings and not worry about having to get the rig parked just right at the camping spot or into that narrow space for tailgating at a sporting event.
  • Learn to live simply with less – With a small rig, you’ll have less space to store things for your trips. But making practical decisions and learning to pack only what you really need is an excellent skill to hone, and traveling in a small RV forces you to do that. Eventually, you’ll find you don’t really miss any of the items you originally thought you couldn’t live without.

These are just some of the many advantages that traveling in a small RV can offer. If you’re considering buying a rig, contact RV Select today and let us show you the many small, mid-size, and large RV options we have available and help you choose a rig that best meets your needs.

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