Create an Amazing Outdoor Living Space at Your RV Campsite

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As your home away from home, your RV should be an extension of the type of lifestyle you maintain at home, or at the very least, reflect the type of lifestyle you want to be living when you’re on vacation. Oftentimes, the space outside your RV becomes the main conduit to express your personality to those around you. So, when you set up camp – whether at a large-scale campground or in a quiet, secluded area deep in the wilderness – you have a unique opportunity to not only create an outdoor living environment around your RV that is comfortable and functional for your specific needs, but that also reflects your personal style and tastes.

Start thinking beyond the tired old picnic table that’s already at your campsite and consider the ways you can enhance the outdoor living space near your RV:

  • Erect temporary fencing – The little picket white fence isn’t just for your brick-and-mortar home. Adding some decorative, easy-to-move fencing around your RV can add a homestead-like quality to your outdoor space. Plus, if you have small children or animals, a fence can help keep them from wandering away from your home on wheels.
  • Hang drapes or bamboo shades – Create drama and enclose spaces with drapes or shades as you see fit. You may be able to hang them on either side of your awning, on trees, or on other nearby structures you set up.
  • Build a pallet rack deck – This is a project for the serious do-it-yourselfers, but adding a pallet rack deck to the outside of your RV can make your rig look and feel even more like home, and give you an elevated spot to cook meals and lounge, away from dirt and insects.
  • Put up a gazebo tent – A gazebo tent, whether used as an “add on” to your awning or as a separate entity from the RV altogether, can give you an attractive, decorative spot that’s shaded and screened in to enjoy playing games, reading, and eating, no matter the weather.
  • Use various types of lighting – Just like at your home, lighting can play a huge role in setting the scene of your outdoor living space. Add solar garden lights around the perimeter and walkway of your camp spot so guests can see their way to and from your RV. Dig holes for and install tiki torches, which can cast the familiar, orangey glow of a campfire around your space (always use caution around fire!). And you can’t forget string lights, whether you opt for the kitschy flamingo lights or strings of the industrial-look bulbs.

While you can personalize your outdoor space to improve the “curb appeal” of your campsite and help you express your personality, always remember to be a responsible camper and check with your campground or host about rules and regulations before you set anything up. When you follow those rules to a T, then you and those around you can enjoy your outdoor living space without issue.

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