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‘The entire transaction was extremely pleasant and satisfactory in every respect!! Keep it up!’
– Ben, AL

‘We wanted to sell our motorhome and found RV Select on the internet. We had checked with RV dealers and were not happy with their offers, but RV Select was the best decision we made.’ Read more.
– Regina, VA

‘The RV Select business is phenomenal and I would highly recommend anyone to utilize their services. The professionalism was the highest and all of the assistance we received was appreciated to a final close-out transaction. My husband and I highly recommend RV Select as a 5 star rating at all levels.’
– Gladys, VA

‘Thanks for your help with the sale of our coach.  In the future I will be recommending you all to our friends if they are looking to sell. Ryan was a pleasure to work with.’
– Bob, AL

‘Well Keri, the process was way to easy – I guess we just think it should be more complicated. Anyway, thanks for your good service and my God bless you! Take care.’
– Bill, MO

‘Just wanted to let you know what a smooth transaction we had with RV Select. Ryan, the driver was great to deal with. Ryan was very professional, answered questions and just very nice to deal with. The Bank of America was a little hard to get the conformation on the wire, which was not RVS’s fault. Some advice if you are dealing with Bank of America, keep calling until you get the right person. Ryan was here longer than he should have been due to Bank of America taking so long, but he was great about it. He did not complain and was very nice about waiting. Thank you so much and I recommend RV Select to anyone that wants to sell an RV. You guys are great!!’
– Vernon & Pamela, VA

‘Keri, it was a pleasure dealing with you. Every step of the way was done perfectly, I would give your business a 10 star rating. Thanks to all.’
– Albert, MA

‘All the RV Select folks are great and very professional.  From the owner, administrative personnel and the person who flew to Texas to pick up our RV.  They made our sell enjoyable and were some of the most courteous folks we have ever dealt with …. very helpful, friendly, and fair in the purchase of our RV. RV Select is a very fair and honest company and I would recommend them to anyone buying or selling an RV.On a scale 1 to 10 … solid 10.’
-Dan & Sally, TX

‘Keri was helpful, comfortable to talk to, and made us feel we were dealing with someone we could trust. The gentleman who came to pick up our RV was knowledgeable and thorough.  He made us feel as though we were dealing with a good company.’
– Robert & Ruth, KY

‘We thank you for coming to Oklahoma to pick it up. We are most pleased with your company.’
– Sharon, OK

‘I want to thank you for a smooth process from start to finish. As you know, I required assurances to go forward with selling our Pleasure Way to RVS. I was more than impressed with Jarrod’s knowledge and straight forward approach, and with your professionalism and the fact that everything you said was going to happen, did happen, and without any stumbles. Although RVS has a process to follow, I felt in control because I was not expected to hand over my keys to your driver (Mike, who was excellent too), until I was comfortable and the bank transfer was complete. We miss our girl and hope she is as special to her new owners as she was to us.’
-Dawna, CT

‘I just want to thank you so very much. Rick was absolutely great. I bought him breakfast and we had a great conversation. The whole process went very, very smooth and easy just as you told me. Again, thank you for being so understanding and patient with me.’
– Ken, TX

‘Thank you – this was a very easy transaction and we enjoyed the manner which you handled the process.’
-Dan, TX

‘I want to commend all of you for the way your purchase of my RV went. The transaction went as well as it could be. My contacts with all of you were pleasant and to the point. Mike, your driver, was good company and made sure he did not leave until the financial transaction was complete. It was a pleasure to deal with you all.’
-GB, Fl

‘John and I want to thank you for all your help in this transaction. I must admit we were skeptical at first, but the way the sale was handled was very professional and easy. Jay couldn’t have been nicer. I know we will miss the motorhome a lot, but realistically age and health dictate when something must come to an end, and we reached that point. Once again, thanks for making this easier on us, and we look forward to stopping in and checking out some of your smaller travel vehicles.’
-Jan, MI

‘I wanted to let you know that everyone we dealt with were really great. Never having done anything like this it was a mystery as to who’s on first. The driver, Mike, was very nice and I wanted to put in a special word for him with you company. He was courteous and a great representative of your company.’
-James, PA

‘Phil and I were very pleased with the sale of the class c motor home. From the moment I called to inquire about selling, everyone answered all my questions. We made the deal and everything went fast.I would recommend your company without hesitating and would work with all you folks again if we ever have a camper to sell.’
-Phil & Ann

‘The experience we had by selling our motorhome was fantastic. Great service and Jimmy was very professional the way he handled everything. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to anyone.’
-Wiebe & Pieternella, FL

‘I was very impressed with your handling of the sale of my motorhome. The efficiency and prompt transaction was more than I expected. I was sad to see my motorhome go but whoever buys it will appreciate it as I did. Thank you.’

‘Keri – The experience with RV Select was very smooth and incident free.  You are a great addition to their staff as you did a super job.  Thank you.’
– Clyde & Maxi, FL

‘Extremely pleased with the way in which the entire purchase was handled. The gentleman that picked up the road trek was very polite and business minded. Everything went smoother than I expected. Thanks for such great service.’
-Maria, TN

‘RV Select was extremely easy to deal with. They made all the arrangements to close the sale and pick up the RV as simple as possible when we were having a difficult time with the manufacturer doing warranty work on the
unit. They gave us a fair price in comparison to three other dealers. When things got harder about having the warranty work done RV Select told us they would buy the unit anyway and have their own people do the repairs. The people at RV Select gave us World Class Customer Service. We highly recommend them because all of their people know how to do it right.’
-Bill & Georgie, SC

‘So… what is RV Select all about?  I’ll be happy to tell you! I needed to sell my 4,900 mile, one year old coach in kind of a hurry due to a “perfect storm” of health problems, business problems and a family tragedy all occurring within a short time frame.  A real “depreciation nightmare.” Local advertising via Craig’s List, newspaper, internet and Ebay proved fruitless and invited a host of “tire-kickers.” Local RV dealers welcomed the opportunity to kick me when I was down. I discovered RV Select and soon learned that there are reasonable business folks out there that treat you fairly, make no misleading promises and are very efficient in running their operation. Despite the fact that they flew a driver from Florida to New York to pick up my coach, paid for a 50 mile taxi trip, and a 1200 mi return trip for the coach, they exceeded the local RV dealers best offers by a substantial amount! Everyone from the firm owner to the office staff and pickup driver were polite, knowledgeable, and helpful professionals.So as I windup 47 wonderful years of my RV life (8 of them as a full-timer), I can add one more pleasant experience that I enjoyed with folks in every aspect of this wonderful past time.’
– Michael, NY

‘I was looking for a nada value for my motorhome on my computer when popped up. I looked at it and decided that I would look around elsewhere and call different dealerships and everyone I called said they would place my home on the lot on consignment and I could ask any price I wanted and they would add their cost on top. That sounded good until I realized that it may sit on the lot for months before I received any money.  I waited a few days and decided I would call RV Select. I spoke to Daniel and he explained how RV Select would purchase the RV and he gave me a quote. The process was painless and the experience of doing business with RV Select was simple and stress free.  They sent someone the next day with the check and picked up the RV. I will be recommending them to my friends that will be selling their RV.’
-Vernon, TX

‘We had very good experience with RV Select. We were unable to achieve the price we were asking for the sale of the motor home, but we needed to liquidate, take our losses and move on. The guys who came to the storage site to pick up the car and motor home were very pleasant and had all the paper work ready. We will miss motor homing, but when it came time to end this chapter in our lives, our association with RV Select was a good and painless experience. We would recommend them to anyone.’
– Fred & Nila, FL

‘I recently sold my Pleasureway to RV Select, Inc. I must say, this was a far more comfortable/smooth agreement and transfer than I would have ever imagined. The RV Select Management and Employees (Jarrod, Keri, and others) are professional people who take quick action to organize the sale, paperwork, and arrange for pick up of the RV from the moment of initial agreement to a next day pick up of the vehicle with check in hand. It was truly a stress free transaction. I highly recommend  RV Select, Inc.’
– Donald, TX

‘Thanks for everything. This was the was the best transaction I’ve ever been involved in. I will admit in the beginning I was a little bit sceptical, but you proved me wrong. Worked out fantastic. I’d recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.’
-Steve, VA

‘I miss my RV but I had to sell it. My experience with RV Select was very good. Someone will get a great RV in the end.’
-Gene, WV

‘Just wanted  to say it was a great joy and comfort to work with honest and professional  people. From their first contact with Jarrod and Keri to our driver Jay.  All three kept us informed every step of the way. What you read in these reviews is the absolute way they handle the purchase of your RV. Best way to say it is simply a no hassle transaction. Thanks again and hats off to the great people at RV Select.’
– Rich, PA

‘Ed and I were very pleased with the simplicity of your service selling our motor home.  After much research as to how to sell it, either on our own or through consignment, our decision to use RV Select was the right decision for us.’ Read more.
– Kar, Wisconsin

‘We want to say it was a pleasure doing business with RV Select, from the salesman Jarrod, to Keri who handled the paperwork & funding, and Jason the driver who picked up our coach. Everyone was very polite & professional. It was a very easy process of selling our coach to them. Would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again!
-Dave & Joy

‘We want to thank you for every thing. We also want tell you that you have one heck of an employee in Jay, he is a super guy and a credit to your company. We hope he gets back safe and sound plus he is supposed to call when he gets back to Tampa. Thanks again for all your help.’
-Al, WI

‘RV Select reminded me of doing business the “old fashion way”. You submitted a fair price, have a very professional staff, I received a four day turn-around, no disappointments. Great experience, would recommend you to anyone interested in selling a motorhome.’
– Raymond, CT

‘We just completed the sale of our motorhome to RV Select. It couldn’t have been easier! I contacted them less than a week ago, and completed it today. Everything was upfront and professional. I wish all things were that easy. Thanks to Jerrod, Keri, and Jay. Well done!’
– Mike, TX

‘I just wanted to let you folks know how happy I am with the experience we had, selling our RV to you.  First, with Jerrod, who responded quickly to my initial call and got back to me with a very realistic quote within a couple of hours.’  Read more.
– Jack & Gina, GA

‘We just want to say what an awesome experience it was doing business with RV Select! My husband and I had mixed emotions about selling our RV. Its a passion we’ve enjoyed for many years. Unfortunately due to health issues we weren’t able to travel the way we used to. It didn’t make sense to have our rig in storage all year. We did some research on the internet and found RV Select. Best move we could have made. From initial contact to culmination of the sale it was less than a week!  There was no dickering about price or nit picking the condition of the rig.  Jarrod, Keri and everyone at RV Select….thank you!’
– Harriett & Ron, FL

‘Wow! What an enjoyable experience. Had my reservations about selling my RV but RV Select made it simple and easy.’
– Donald, VA

‘The experience of parting with a motor coach might be difficult for many reasons such as financial transactions, condition issues, and bureaucratic nonsense. My experience with RV Select was excellent because they took care of all the details. The RV Select Inc. team demonstrated how to facilitate business transactions, because they eliminated all the stresses.’  Read more.

‘I want to thank Jarrod, Kari and the transportation driver Jay. Y’all were so professional and courteous. Jay you were very thorough and very nice. Your knowledge was very satisfying. We felt like we were dealing with family. Thank each of you for making this experience awesome. We will be coming to you when we buy our next one. Thank you again.’
-Steven & Holiday, LA

‘My wife and I were looking to sell our RV because we weren’t able to use it as much as we thought we would due to time constraints and work schedules. In looking on line I came upon this site.  I was so surprised at how quickly they responded to my request and the promptness to which everything started happening.  I received a great offer for our coach and within a week I was notified of the process and the asked what day would be best for them to fly to our location to pick it up.  The money was wired and Johnny the transporter was so friendly and helpful. He answered all my questions and in the future when its time again for my wife and I to start looking again to travel full time we will be contacting them to purchase an RV from them. Thanks to Jared, Keri  and Johnny.”
-Mark, MD

‘My experience with RV Select was excellent. The transaction went very well and was an easy process.  We enjoyed our Mercedes RV but for personal issues we needed to sell it.  Did not know anything about selling an RV but when I contacted RV Select I was surprised with your professionalism and customer support.  We reached an agreement and my financial institution worked with you to pay off the loan and deposit difference into my checking account. Thanks for the opportunity to work with RV Select.’
-Sam, FL

‘My wife and I were dreading the task of selling our RV.  Friends told us stories of coaches sitting on a consignment lot for months and finally selling at a very low price.  After some research, we found RV Select on the internet and decided to send you an email and see what would happen.  Results were immediate.  In less than a week the process of selling our coach was complete.  It could not have been easier.  There was no drama; the process was fair, clear cut and smooth from start to finish.  No company works well without good people.  We would like you to know that the people who helped us; Jared, Keri, and Jason were great.  They are the ones who made the process work so very well and will make your company successful.  Kudos and thanks to each of them, but especially Keri, she knows what she is doing and is exceptional.’
-Don & Ellen, PA

‘We were so pleased to have Jay transport our RV to you in Florida. He was personable and totally professional. He knew so much about RVs in general and it was such a pleasant surprise. We really enjoyed talking to him and he inspired complete confidence in his ability to safely complete the task at hand. Thank you for sending him to us, and we appreciate all you have done to make this deal work for all of us.’
-Marvyn & Sharon, MT

‘Have been meaning to contact you for some time now to tell you how much we appreciated your help when we decided to sell our motorhome. Our experience with you and your company could not have been better. You made everything very easy. Would recommend you to everyone. It was definitely a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you’
– Bob & Janet, SC

‘My experience with RV select was excellent. The transaction went very well and was an easy process.  We enjoyed our Mercedes RV but for personal issues we needed to sell it.  Did not know anything about selling an RV but when I contacted RV Select I was surprised with your professionalism and customer support.  We reached an agreement and my financial institution worked with you to pay off the loan and deposit difference into my checking account. Thanks for the opportunity to work with RV Select.’
Sam, NY

‘I have bought and sold many different vehicles over the years and this was the best and smoothest transaction I have ever done! Not only that but you and your staff are some of the most polite business people I have ever dealt with as well! They were professional, efficient and responsive. The transport company you hired was just as good! I would recommend you and your company to anyone that’s looking to sell an RV!’
– Terry, LA

‘I wanted to thank you for a very much for a smooth and professional sale transaction.’
– Will, IL

‘I contacted RV Select Inc. about selling my motor home. They said if I could send them pictures they would get back to me about buying it. The next day after asking a few questions on its condition we settled on a price and a short time later they transferred the money and picked up the motor home. Everything was handled very professionally.’
– Bob, AR

‘Just wanted to say “Thanks” for everything that you and your company did. It was truly a great experience and I was impressed by the honesty and efficiency of your company. I would heartily recommend your company to anyone looking to sell their RV quickly. I wish you and your company the best.’
– Randy, SC

‘I appreciate the timeliness and professional process in the recent sale of my RV. From the time I sent you an inquiry it was 2 days until the funds were secure in my account. Also it was a pleasure to work with the driver team you sent. I would recommend RV Select to anyone who asks.’

‘I would personally like to thank RV Select Inc. for the manner and timing of the sale of my RV. The communication and professionalism was handled very well. The inspection of my RV was completed in good timing and the transportation company handling this transaction did so very well. Again thanks for a job well done.’
– Charles, TX

‘Daniel, Keri, Jason…..super impressed from start to finish. Super skeptical initially, as everything seemed too good to be true.  But, everything was transparent and genuine from start to finish.  I went from having a financial burden with my coach I no longer used at the beginning of this week, and had a check in hand within 48 hours.  The price was fair, and there was no “beat down” on the price once Jason arrived…which, I feared….the price quoted over the phone was the amount paid.  Very open and honest process.  Can’t say enough good.’
– Matt, PA

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