Outdoor Kitchen Trend

If you’ve attended any RV shows in recent years, you’ve most likely seen the latest and greatest in outdoor RVing…outdoor kitchens. Starting out in strictly towables, outdoor kitchens can now be found in a variety of brands and models, ranging from a simple sink, two-burner range, small fridge and countertop, to elaborate kitchens complete with gas grills, microwaves, TVs and full outdoor sound systems.

Outdoor kitchen
Photo by trailerlife.com

Why the growing interest?

As outdoor enthusiasts, the appeal to be able to cook and entertain outside seems to go hand in hand for many RVers. Since so much time is spent outside of the RV, especially when parked at a campground or other long term residence, it makes sense to want to bring the cooking outdoors as well. Entertaining guests for barbeques or alfresco dining also make outdoor kitchens an appealing feature.

Even for those not interested in doing all of their cooking outdoors, some may simply like the idea of having an extra fridge or sink accessible on the outside. Extra storage for kitchen items is always a plus and an outdoor sink/water supply can be useful for washing utensils, dishes and even pets.

Is it right for you?

While definitely a great feature for a lot of people, outdoor kitchens may not be for everyone. Outdoor kitchens can come in at a high cost – especially the more features you add. And since RVs already come with a kitchen inside, some may view the duplicate functionality a waste of money. Others may prefer to cook inside (e.g. Florida in summer!) and would prefer to have any outdoor space reserved for storage.

Whether or not an outdoor kitchen fits your needs and wants, it’s definitely a feature worth considering when looking to purchase or upgrade your next RV.

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