Tips for Planning Your Summer RV Getaway

Summer RV TravelSchool’s out, the temperature is rising, and a summer vacation in your RV is just calling your name. If you’re dreaming of hitting the road and making your way to your favorite lake, amusement park, or famous foodie destination, get your plans solidified now so you can spend time counting down the days to rest and relaxation.

Planning a summer escape in your rig doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are a few tips you can consider when you’re ready to get your fun getaway on the books!

  1. Research destinations – What good is a summer vacation if you’re not excited about where you’re going? That said, you should pick two or three destinations that you want to visit and explore this summer, and do the research necessary to ultimately choose one. Keep in mind a variety of factors, such as the length of time you’d like to be on the road and camping, what route or routes would be the most efficient, scenic, or accessible (depending on your needs and the size and height of your rig), and what other points of interest you may want to see during your travels. Also, keep the second and third destination picks as backup in case going to your chosen destination isn’t possible.
  2. Think about activities you want to do – Does your idea of a summer vacation involve fishing and sitting around a campfire, riding as many roller coasters in a region as you can, or eating your way around the best hot dog stands in the country? Thinking about and planning for the activities that you want to do once you reach your destination – or while you’re getting there – can be just as important as choosing the destination. If you’re taking the family, be sure to poll the kids for their ideas, too. It will give everyone a sense of ownership in the vacation and each member of the family will have something to look forward to.
  3. Book campground reservations early – If you plan to be in one location for a few days to a week, it’s a good idea to call your desired campgrounds in advance and reserve a spot. While it’s possible you could find a place on the fly to set up camp if needed, it makes sense to have reservations in place weeks or even months before your trip. Making advance reservations is highly recommended if your travel plans fall around major holidays, such as the Fourth of July or Labor Day.
  4. Do a test run – If your rig has been sitting for a while unused, you may want to consider doing a short weekend trip nearby your home before your big vacation. Doing so can help you identify any issues that your RV may have so you can address them before you hit the road and potentially venture far from home. Plus, it can’t hurt to have a mini vacation here and there, right?

Regardless of where you end up, getting a summer getaway on the books now will give you something to look forward to – just don’t wait too long to plan it!

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