Space-Saving Items for Your Rig

RV storage

For many people, having lots of space to live, sleep, play, and eat is essential. In our brick-and-mortar homes and apartments, we insist on having walk-in closets, lots of kitchen cabinets and expansive countertops, big bedrooms, and spa-like bathrooms – we want all those features and more in our residences. The more space the better, right?

But to travel or even live full time in an RV – the sizes of which can span from a small pop-up camper to a 45-foot-plus luxury motor coach – presents a space issue that we’re typically not used to dealing with. Suddenly, the way we’d normally outfit a living space must shift to more compact, more efficient approach. Luckily, traveling or living in an RV isn’t difficult to do and with a few space-saving items and by embracing a mentality of “less is more,” you can live, sleep, play, and eat comfortably in far less space that you imagined.

Consider implementing these items into your RV to help you maximize space:

  • Collapsible products – From dishes and dish drainers to laundry baskets and storage containers, collapsible items are a necessary part of RV life. When collapsed, these products take up much less space in cupboards and closets than their traditional counterparts.
  • Stackable products – Stackable storage bins, containers, baskets, and even shelves help make use of otherwise awkward upper cabinet space. It’s easy to forget that we can “go up” to the top-level sections of cabinets, walls, closets, and more to find added space, but stackable products allow you to make the most of those areas. Mixing bowls and measuring cups that nest into each other are other examples of stackable products that can help save space.
  • Over-the-door and hanging products – Some of the best space-saving items include trash bins that fit over cupboard doors, hooks and racks on walls that can be used to hang cooking utensils, pots and pans, or towels, and shower organizers that fit over the shower head.
  • Wall-mounted magnetic strips – Another way to utilize typically wasted wall space is to implement magnetic strips and hang knives, spice jars, and other light-weight items that can have a magnet added to them. As an added bonus, items won’t shift in drawers or fall over in cupboards while the RV is in motion.

When you work a few of these products into your rig, you’ll not only enjoy utilizing space that you didn’t even think was available, but you’ll also be promoting a clutter-free lifestyle in your RV. Suddenly, living and traveling in a smaller space than you’re used will become a pleasant and comfortable affair.

To learn more about ways to save space in your RV, whatever size it may be, contact us today!

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