Don’t Be Afraid to Travel Alone in Your RV

solo RVIf traveling in an RV is a dream of yours, whether for occasional trips or as part of a full-time lifestyle change, but you’ve put it off because you’re single or would be traveling alone at times, don’t let that stop you from bringing your dream to fruition. While it can be a daunting prospect, traveling alone can result in some of the most gratifying, healing, and fulfilling experiences you can have in life, so don’t let your solo status deter you from making the RV trips you want to make.

Before you hit the road, though, consider these tips to ensure safe and enjoyable travel on your own:

  • Always let someone know where you’ll be from day to day – Whether you send a daily email or make a phone call to a family member or friend back home, it’s a good idea to have a designated person that always knows of your whereabouts while traveling. That way, if that person doesn’t hear from you as planned, they can take steps to find you and contact the authorities if necessary. Think about purchasing a satellite phone or setting up a strong mobile Wi-Fi hotspot in your rig that will allow you to stay in touch with people even when cell reception or Internet isn’t great or available.
  • Make sure you operate a rig you can handle by yourself – If you think you might have issues driving and parking a 40-foot motorhome during a trip, then that style may not be the RV for you. But with some lessons, you may find that operating a big rig like that is right up your alley. The most important thing is to consider what you can handle comfortably when driving by yourself and choose a rig that works best for your needs. Perhaps a towable camper, truck camper, or fifth wheel might be more your speed than a large luxury motorhome. But you won’t know until you take the time to research your options, drive different RVs, and see which ones you’re most adept at handling.
  • Follow your gut and don’t stay in any place where you feel uncomfortable – This tip applies to everyone, but especially for solo women travelers. It’s true that the RV community is made up of wonderful, helpful people, but there are still others out there who will take advantage of you if they see you as an easy target. So be diligent in checking out the places you choose to stay. If you get a strange feeling or start to believe that you are in an unsafe location, leave.
  • Don’t be afraid to connect with others on and off the road – Some solo travelers prefer to be part of RV lifestyle groups that travel together. Joining one of these organizations is a great way to get your feet wet traveling alone, because you’ll never really be alone. Plus, some folks in these groups will likely have a lot of experience with RV travel and can share real-life experiences and helpful tips to help you get through nearly any situation with your RV.

While solo travel isn’t for everyone, it can be an energizing and invigorating way for you to get out there and explore the world in an RV. All it takes is smart preparation and awareness.

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