Tips for Planning a Last-Minute RV Trip

Last Minute TripSometimes the urge to get out onto the open road in your RV hits and there’s no time for planning an elaborate vacation. But does that mean you should ignore the impulse to pack up your rig and go? Of course not! Even last-minute camping trips can be just as relaxing and enjoyable as vacations that have been planned out for months in advance.

However, just like vacations planned out in advance, being properly prepared for a last-minute trip will help ensure that it’s a success. So, next time you want to hit the road on the fly, here are a few things to consider. Think about:

  • Your intended destination and how much time you have – Where you ultimately set up camp may depend on how much time you have for your last-minute trip. Do you only have a weekend to get away? Or do you have a week? If you have a short period of time available, you may want to choose a campground or other location that is closer to home, which will reduce driving time and allow you to make the most of your getaway. If you have more time available to you, then selecting a destination that’s a little farther away may be doable and still give you time to enjoy your vacation.
  • What you want to do – The beauty of last-minute trips is that they’re spontaneous. While you can also be spontaneous when choosing the activities that you want to do each day, it’s still a good idea to have a general sense of how you want to spend your time away. For example, if your idea of relaxation is hiking and other outdoor activities, make sure your selected destination has trails nearby that are open during your stay. If attending a popular museum exhibit is more your speed, you can plan for that, too. But try not to stress too much about planning things – be flexible and go with the flow.
  • What you want to eat – It may be best to plan for snacks and meals that are easy to prepare and eat, simply because you won’t want to waste time worrying about and making elaborate meals when you should be enjoying yourself. Pack items such as cereal bars, oatmeal, fruit, hot dogs, hamburgers, and microwaveable items to make food prep and mealtime a cinch.
  • Where you want to stay – Reserving a site at a campground could be relatively easy to do, but availability will depend on the time of year you take your trip and your destination. For example, in Florida, campsites are most likely to be available October-November and April-May. But during the winter months, Florida campsites become scarce, as it is snowbird season.

While it may seem like an impossible undertaking to plan an RV trip quickly, it can be done. If you remain flexible and prepare as best as you can, you can still enjoy a successful vacation.

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