Do Black Friday the RV Way

Black FridayThe holiday retail season is just about to kick into high gear with Thanksgiving and Black Friday just around the corner. These days, the shopping madness starts well before the Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes have cooled off, or have even been cooked! Some folks are in long lines for days before Thanksgiving, waiting for a chance to snag the Black Friday deals of their choice.

But there’s a better way than waiting in line for eternity and sleeping on the cold ground. If you’re a holiday shopping aficionado and want to make the most of your time this shopping season, consider using your RV as a home base this year.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your RV on Black Friday:

  • First, do your research. Retail stores tend to start releasing their Black Friday ads and specials earlier and earlier each year, which makes it easier for shoppers to check out what items they most want to go after well in advance of the actual shopping day. Once you know which products are must-haves for you and in which stores those products are located, you can create a plan for your shopping event. Consider shopping in locations where multiple stores are near one another.
  • Now that you know what stores you need to hit, call those businesses in advance and find out what their policies are for RV parking. Some stores, such as Walmart, already have RV parking rules and regulations in place, but not all stores do, so make sure you get permission to park your rig before the sales begin.
  • Park your RV and use it as base camp. The beauty of having a rig is that you have all the comforts of home with you – a place to store and prepare food, beds to sleep in, and even television to watch. You can fuel up on Thanksgiving leftovers and snacks before waiting in long lines and even take naps between shopping excursions. Bring family and friends with you, so you all can take turns waiting in lines and resting, and no one has to camp outside on the ground.
  • Stockpile your purchases in the RV while you do other shopping. This is especially helpful if you’re the type of Black Friday shopper that pulls in huge hauls. Your RV can accommodate all your shopping bags, electronics, and gadgets, big and small. Occasionally drop off your treasures as you shop to keep your hands free.
  • Be courteous and respectful. Make sure to park your rig in spots further away from store fronts and be mindful of traffic and pedestrians as you relocate from one store to another. Don’t use your generator during early morning hours when people might be sleeping, and remember to make sure all trash is thrown away and nothing is left outside when you leave.

So, as you begin planning the Thanksgiving menu, start planning your Black Friday shopping event, too, and see just how helpful and efficient it will be to have your RV when the sales kick off.

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