Tips for Camping in Cool Weather

Cold Weather CampingMid-November is the time of year when the first snow of the season falls in many parts of the country and camping season is all but over for our friends up north. Luckily, here in Florida, we have relatively warm weather year-round, so camping any time of a year is a benefit we get to enjoy. Plus, camping in the cold isn’t something we have to worry about very often. However, there are times during the winter months when cold fronts push in from the north, dumping a trough of chilly, wintry air over our state.

So, what do you do when you’ve planned a camping trip during a one of these cold snaps? Here are just a few tips to help you make the most of your RV trip during cold weather:

  • Monitor daily temperatures – Check out both the high and low temperatures for each day you plan to be camping. While daytime highs can often be comfortable during the winter months in Florida, the nighttime lows can sometimes dip into the 40s or 30s. While that’s not exactly freezing weather, it’s certainly cooler than most nights we experience here. Make sure your RV has enough creature comforts to help you stay warm throughout those cooler nights, such as a furnace. Keep in mind that not all rigs are manufactured to be fully insulated for cold weather and plan accordingly.
  • Frequently check propane levels – If there will be a few chilly nights that you’ll need to sleep through, you may want to turn on your RV furnace, which uses propane to operate. Make sure that you leave for your trip with full tanks and keep an eye on the levels as you use it. You don’t want to be caught without propane when you need it most! Alternatively, you could use portable electric or propane heaters, but be sure to follow the safety instructions carefully to prevent any accidents.
  • Plan on layering clothing – Just because it’s Florida doesn’t mean you can wear your bathing suit all the time! In fact, you should pack clothing that you can easily layer, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. You can remove layers as temperatures rise throughout the day and add them as they lower at night. And don’t forget to bring socks and closed-toe shoes, such as sneakers. Wearing sandals for your entire trip may leave your feet feeling frosty. Pack extra blankets, too!
  • Choose a sunny campsite – If possible, select a campsite that gets plenty of sun. The sun’s rays will help heat up your RV during the day and keep it warmer throughout the night than if your RV was parked in a shaded area. Choosing a site that is sheltered from wind is also a good idea.
  • Cover windows with curtains or drapes – Just like at home, sometimes drafts can sneak into your RV through windows. To combat this and provide a little insulation from the cold, hang drapes or curtains over your rig’s windows.

Of course, camping in any type of RV already provides you with a certain number of amenities and luxuries, so taking a trip in cold weather is much easier than it would be if you were camping in a tent. Still, it’s wise to be prepared for cooler temperatures when you’re camping in the winter months in Florida.

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