3 Misconceptions & Realities of RV Travel for the Holidays

holidayThe holidays are a wonderful time each year, filled with merry making, cookie baking, party going, and gift wrapping. But with all that celebration often comes stress and anxiety. Cooking, entertaining, and shopping for gifts for several months can reduce even the cheeriest people to an exhausted and irritable state. Wouldn’t it be nice to bypass a lot of that stress and anxiety? Well, you can. Just consider an RV escape for the holidays.

You’re probably already telling yourself that leaving your home to go on a trip this time of year is a terrible idea. But there are plenty of good counterarguments to the ones likely flying around your head.

Here are just a few of the misconceptions and realities surrounding holiday RV travel to think about:

  • “I’ll miss out on sending and receiving gifts with family and friends.” – This may be the trickiest situation to deal with when planning an RV trip around the holidays, but have no fear. When you give your usual gift crew advanced notice that you’ll be out of town and won’t be participating in any gift exchanges, you should be in the clear. Granted, there may be some people who dislike your plan, but that will be on them. And, by not participating in gift-giving circles, you’ll save friends and family the hassle of finding gifts for you, too, so it’s truly a win-win.
  • “I won’t be able to cook my usual Christmas feast in my RV.” – That’s not entirely true. You can still cook a feast in your RV. You might have to modify your typical menu a little bit, more so for space reasons than anything else. But, you can still cook the ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and other delicious holiday dishes you want. Just plan your menu ahead of time and think of easy dish or ingredient substitutions to help cut down on prep and cooking times. Don’t forget to bring your crock pot, which can pull some of the cooking duties off your oven and stove. And if in a pinch, order a pre-cooked meal from a grocery store!
  • “It won’t feel like the holidays without decorations.” – You probably won’t need to decorate your home if you’re planning to be away for the holidays, so if you’re the type that usually goes all out with lights and other decorations for Christmas, you could feel a little bummed to miss out on that. The good news is you can plan to travel to a destination that has its own Christmas flair, such as a holiday-themed campground or theme park. Or, you could plan a getaway that involves winter activities, such as skiing or ice fishing. And don’t forget that you can decorate your RV once you’ve set up camp.

Ultimately, taking an RV trip to escape the hustle and bustle of the holidays will be more enjoyable than you think. This time of year, it’s important to spend and enjoy time with your loved ones, and create the memories that mean so much more than decorations and gifts. So, scoop up the family, hit the road, and leave the usual materialistic trappings of the holiday season behind you.

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