What is an RV Port Home?

RV Port Home
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An RV port home is a newer concept of RV living, blending some aspects of a traditional, single-family home with a large, covered port for an RV. This concept allows for an integrated, hybrid style of living, where the RV is accessible and “connected” to a home that features one or two bedrooms and other living spaces.

Here are just some of the benefits port homes offer:

  • These homes typically have a smaller footprint than a traditional home – Because of their smaller size, port homes are typically easier to maintain … and easier to prepare and board up when you hit the road!
  • Your RV has its own protected space – Buying an RV is an investment and you need to keep your rig in top condition for it to look great and function properly for years to come. Protecting your RV from the elements such as the sun and rain is one way to do that, and parking it in a port home that features a covered port sized for your rig is an excellent option.
  • You can still enjoy the outdoorsy, RV life with some of the comforts of home – Some port homes have outdoor features such as centrally located patios and courtyards that help to seamlessly blend the outdoor spaces of the home with access to the RV and its amenities. Many port homes allow for outdoor kitchens, water features, planters, fire pits, and more to be incorporated, too, which can offer even more enjoyment and entertainment possibilities outside.
  • You can downsize to accommodate RV living, but still have a base to call home – For many RV enthusiasts, getting rid of most worldly possessions and brick-and-mortar homes is necessary to fully embrace (and afford) life on the road. But with a port home as an option, you can downsize your current home and possessions and still keep a home base from which you can operate, whether you plan to travel for months or just a few weeks every year.
  • You can choose the port home that meets your needs – There are many communities popping up that now feature port homes. The builders of these communities offer many different types of homes and floor plans, including some with full bedrooms, baths, kitchens, and living areas. Some communities even offer custom-built homes.
  • You can still enjoy the camaraderie and community that RV enthusiasts know and love – One of the great things about RVing is meeting people and making friends during your travels. Campgrounds and RV parks have helped foster lifelong friendships and combined family gatherings for generations. And many of the communities that offer port homes are set up with the same intentions in mind. In those communities, you’ll see people walking their dogs, partaking in cocktails outside at the end of the day, and generally enjoying the same lifestyle that RVing encourages.

Ultimately, port homes offer RV enthusiasts the best both worlds – the ability to travel and feed wanderlust, while maintaining a base of operation without the need to dispose of all worldly possessions. Do some research online to learn more about port homes and see if the blended home and RV lifestyle is right for you.

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