5 Easy Modifications to Make in Your RV

RV modsWhether your RV is brand new or previously loved by another owner, your rig could probably benefit from a few improvements here and there. Whether it’s storage upgrades, usability improvements, or little tweaks to interior décor that better reflect your personality, there are lots of easy adjustments you can make to help your rig feel just like home.

Here are 5 easy mods you can undertake in your RV:

  • Add LED lighting – A popular modification among RV enthusiasts is to install LED lighting on the inside and outside of the rig. LED lighting can help improve visibility in low-light, interior areas of your RV (no more digging around in a dark pantry cupboard!). It can also help to enhance outdoor ambiance when used to line the exterior edges of your RV or awning.
  • Install unique locks on storage bays – Strangely enough, most storage bays in RVs have the same locks, all of which can be opened by any key marked with CH751. This means that when you lock your storage bays, your stuff isn’t really all that protected. Improve security by installing unique locks on your storage doors.
  • Replace your dinette – If you don’t need under-bench storage and extra sleeping quarters aren’t necessary, replacing your dinette with a free-standing table and chairs or other seating configuration could be a great modification for you. Do you work from the road? Consider installing a work desk and chair. Is having a gaming or craft center important to you? Install comfy chairs and mount a TV or install a task table.
  • Install a new vent fan – Vent fans are a very important element of the RV ecosystem, helping to circulate air and remove excess moisture from the interior. Oftentimes, factory fans that comes with RVs aren’t powerful enough and only move a small volume of air. By installing an upgraded vent fan, you can enjoy improved performance and help keep moisture and the potential for mold and mildew growth at bay.
  • Reupholster furniture – There’s no better way to breathe new life into a space than by reupholstering your RVs sofa or chairs. There are plenty of easy ways to complete a reupholstering job, too, so you needn’t shy away from it. Just pick some fabric that suits your taste and your décor and attach it to sofa or chairs.

With spring around the corner, there’s no better time than now to freshen up your RV with a few easy mods.

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