3 Common Issues RVers Typically Experience

Common RV issuesLife in an RV, whether during week-long vacations or year round, can be a wonderful experience, allowing you to explore the world around you and live fairly comfortably. But, just like most things in life, RVing isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – having and maintaining a rig of any size is a lot of work and requires patience and diligence to keep everything in tip-top shape. Yet, at some point or another in your RVing life, you’ll probably experience one or more issues.

Here are three of the common problems you might encounter with your rig:

  • Leaky roof and windows – It’s easy to think of all windows and roofs like the ones in your home – where for the most part, they’re structurally sound for at least a decade or more. That’s not the case with RV windows and roofs. Environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays from the sun and debris from trees can affect how long your roof lasts. Likewise, weather conditions and general wear and tear can break down the seals along your windows. Best practice is to inspect your roof and windows several times a month and repair any issues you may notice at that time, which will help prevent the occurrence of any major leaks.
  • Toilet issues – The beauty of a rig is having the comforts of home available to you while you’re on the road or parked in the wilderness somewhere. One of those comforts is a toilet, but unlike your toilet at home, your RV’s “porcelain throne” (which is typically made of plastic, by the way) can experience many more issues that you’d expect. RV toilet problems can run the gamut, but often include water not staying in the toilet bowl or water running constantly in it. This is usually a sign of break down on a rubber seal or valve. Luckily, if you catch problems with seals and valves early, it’s relatively easy to replace and repair them.
  • Forgetfulness and lack of attention – This isn’t an issue caused by the RV or one of its parts, per se, but more of an issue that can occur in the human mind. For example, you might be packing up camp after a lovely week away, and you pull away from your site, only to realize that you didn’t unhook your sewer line and other hoses. Or, you start driving and realize your awning is still extended. It seems like those are things you wouldn’t forget about, but you’d be surprised what a little bit of distraction can make you overlook. To avoid forgetting must-do items, create lists that you can follow for when you’re packing up your RV, traveling to your destination, parking your rig, and even for when you’re loading up camp to head home.

There are, of course, many other problems you might run into as an RV owner. But as long as you keep maintenance and general upkeep as an important tenant of your RV ownership, you’ll be able to help prevent minor issues from ballooning into major ones, and you’ll enjoy your rig to the fullest.

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