5 Must-Dos for RV Camping Near the Beach this Spring

RVing on beachSpring break is a popular time for people to get out and travel, whether alone, with friends, or the entire family in tow. The beach is a top destination, and here in Florida, we’re lucky to have some of the world’s best beaches just a short drive away.

If the siren call of the sea is persuading you to jump in the RV and set up camp near the ocean waves, there are a few things you should do to make the most of your vacation:

  • Book in advance to get the spot with a view – Camping on or near the beach is something nearly everyone wants to do, so you’ll have some stiff competition to get the perfect campsite with stunning views. Be sure to do your research and find the site that will offer you the scenery you’ll be happy to wake up to every morning, and book that site well in advance of your arrival. And don’t be late for check in. Your spot may be given to someone else if you are.
  • Beat the weekend crowds – There is usually a pre-weekend rush as people flock to the beach, as well as a mass exodus every Sunday or Monday. To avoid heavy traffic and hordes of people, time your trip so that you arrive before a weekend and leave midweek.
  • Consider the tides – If you’re driving and parking your RV on the beach, don’t forget that the tides will come in and out. Pay attention to when high tide is coming in each day and make sure you’re not stuck in the sand when it does. Getting towed out of wet sand and water won’t be cheap.
  • Bring shade – Because beach campsites are prime real estate, there may be many other rigs parked in close quarters with yours. As a result, you may not have space to open your awning. Plan to create shade wherever you can with umbrellas, sun shade sails, and tarps. Don’t forget to bring hats to the beach and wear plenty of sunscreen!
  • Keep sand outside – Spending a day at the beach means sand will inevitably make its way back into your RV. Do your best to detain all would-be sand invaders at the door and use outdoor showers at the beach or at your campground to rinse off as much sand as possible. Additionally, you can set up a wash station outside your rig to remove any final grains before walking inside. Pre-washing sand off not only will help keep it from getting throughout your rig but will also keep it out of your RVs water tank during showers.

Following these must-do tips can help make your next beach camping trip a success. So, don’t delay – start planning your spring trip now.

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