7 Life Hacks for Your RV

RV hacks
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Sometimes, a really good idea can help you complete tasks and save you time and hassle. That goes for all facets of life. So, it stands to reason that there are life hacks that you can apply to your RV life, making your camping trip or full-time living more streamlined and comfortable.

Are you interested in life hacking your way into a more organized and efficient RV lifestyle? Here are 7 common shortcuts that can save you time and effort:

  • Add shoe rack storage – Whether hanging from the shower rod or over a door, a pocket-style shoe organizer can be used to store not only shoes, but a variety of other products, from toiletries and socks to utensils and spices.
  • Use typically wasted air and wall space – There’s more space in a small area than you might realize. Take advantage of that space by hanging mugs on hooks under a cabinet or by clipping toiletries on curtain rings to hang in your shower. You can even hang cooking utensils on the kitchen walls or install broom clips on or around the door to store flashlights for easy access.
  • Make a dry food container a waste bin – Using wall and air space for storage is important, but so is finding usable nooks and crannies in your RV down near your feet. A small, dry food container – such as one used to store cereals – is the perfect size to fit in a nook or cranny and can serve as a trashcan without taking up a lot of space. Grocery bags can be used as liners, too, which means you may not have to buy trash bags.
  • Use tortilla chips as fire starters – Forget newspapers and twigs. Try tortilla chips for fire starters. These snacks are not only tasty, but because they are fried, have high fat content and can burn easily. You’ll still need matches to light your tortilla chip fire, but when other fire starters aren’t in reach, grab a bag of Doritos to get that campfire going.
  • Line storage areas with non-slip lining – This one seems like a no-brainer for RV travel, but it warrants being mentioned because it’s such an easy hack! Get non-slip lining and cut pieces to fit inside shelves, drawers, and cabinets. This will help keep containers, jars, cans, and boxes from moving about while the RV is in motion. More importantly, you’ll avoid the dreaded “waterfall” of goods hitting you the next time you open a cabinet.
  • Add glow-in-the-dark tape along stairs and near entrances – Help you and your family move about in the dark by adding glow-in-the-dark tape strips in the RV. These are especially helpful lining stairs, walkways, and near exits so that you can clearly see where you need to go to enter or exit the RV, even if it’s in the dark.
  • Use Velcro to secure small items – Do you keep losing your remote controls? Do the contents in cupboards and drawers keep getting tossed about while you’re on the road? Velcro can help. Simply add strips of Velcro to the back of remotes and the side of a wall or table to ensure remotes can easily be found where you last left them. Using plastic containers and organizers that are Velcroed to the bottom of drawers and storage cabinets can help you organize small items such as spices and paper goods and keep them neat and tidy during travel.

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