Want to Rent Out Your RV? Consider the Pros and Cons

Renting Out Your RVIf you’re an RV enthusiast, you understand the freedom and joy that RV travel offers. You can pick up and go when you want and explore far-flung beaches, mountains, and plains across the U.S. and even Canada and Mexico. You probably purchased a rig for these reasons! Unfortunately, unless you’re a full-time RVer, you just can’t use your rig all the time. And so, it sits, sometimes for months, without being used.

Renting out your RV to other travelers could solve that issue. Now, as with any major decision, there are advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to explore all of them before you decide. Here are some pros and cons of renting out your RV that you should consider before you pull the trigger:


  • Earning extra money – A little extra cash is always a good thing, right? Renting out your RV could help you earn additional income, even if you only rent it out a few times a year. Depending on the style, size, and luxuriousness of your RV, you could charge up to hundreds of dollars per night.
  • Introducing others to the RV lifestyle – Everyone has to start somewhere before jumping into the recreational vehicle lifestyle. Many people decide to rent a rig for a vacation, just to see if they even like the idea of living and traveling in an RV. It’s a great way to test the waters before making the commitment to purchase one. So, when you rent your rig out, you can help people discover that it is a great way to travel and foster their passion for RVing.
  • Avoiding paying to store your rig – If you typically store your RV when it’s not in use, renting it out when you don’t need it can save you money, as well as the associated time and hassle. So not only are you making money by renting your RV, but you’re saving some money, too!
  • Using a renting platform – There are several RV sharing companies that are dedicated to helping RV owners connect with people who want to rent RVs. These services, such as Outdoorsy, have robust websites that have renter profiles and lots of information to help you feel more comfortable throughout the entire process.


  • Dealing with separation anxiety – Even if you didn’t pay a lot for your RV, it’s likely still one of the larger purchases you’ve made in your life. And that means you’ll be protective of it. The idea of letting perfect strangers drive away with your vehicle can be nerve-wracking, for sure.
  • Being prepared for repairs – It’s possible that something could go wrong with your RV while it’s being rented out, or you could end up with some renters who don’t properly care for your vehicle and cause some sort of damage. Hopefully, the chances of that happening are low, but there’s always a possibility. That said, it’s best to assume that you’ll have some repairs to make a renter returns your vehicle.
  • Moving all your stuff – Moving your personal items out before a renter takes over your RV can be an especially cumbersome task if you live in your RV full time. But even if you don’t, you still have to move important personal items before letting renters drive away with your rig. Leaving camp chairs, fire starters, and pool or beach toys might be fine because your customers will likely appreciate and enjoy them during their vacation.

The decision to rent out your RV is a big one to consider and you should weigh all the pros and cons to determine if renting is right for you. But know that there are plenty of RV enthusiasts just like you who have taken the renting leap and have created successful businesses as a result.

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