4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Campsite Clean

clean campsiteWhen you take your RV on a trip, it’s supposed to be as relaxing and enjoyable a time as possible. And while it may seem that doing chores and tidying things up isn’t a part of what a relaxing vacation should be, there is something to be said for maintaining a level of cleanliness and organization while camping. Not only will a clean campsite help you readily and easily navigate throughout your daily activities, but it will also mean that the next RVer who comes in after you will have a beautiful, clean spot to enjoy their camping trip, too.

To get started, here are four easy ways you can keep your RV campsite in tip-top shape:

  • Organize your outdoor space – It’s easy to let pool toys, bikes, camp chairs, towels, and food preparation items take over your campsite when you’re in one place for a week or so. And, there’s nothing wrong with having those things on your trip. However, it’s best to have a system of organization to help keep your campsite looking presentable and so that you know where everything is. For example, have a storage bay in your RV or a large plastic container serve as the “toy box” and put all toys and outdoor activity items in that place when not in use. You can also use a plastic, hanging shoe organizer to store utensils, napkins, condiments, and dishtowels to keep your outdoor eating and cooking area clean and clear.
  • Keep sand at bay – This tip is more for the inside of your rig than your campsite but is still helpful. Setting up camp near a beach can be lovely for sure, but it can also mean that you and your family will track sand into places you’d rather not have it. To banish sand to the outdoors where it belongs, keep a mat outside your door and sprinkle it with baby powder. After a day at the beach, rub your feet on the mat to get rid of excess sand before entering your RV.
  • Clean up after your pet – Traveling with the family pet is a great idea, but don’t forget to clean up after them, even when you’re in remote areas. Leaving animal waste on the ground is not only gross and disrespectful to whomever may occupy the same campsite in the future, but it’s also a health hazard. Many diseases can be spread via animal waste so it’s important to dispose of it properly.
  • Remove all trash from your site – This should be a daily task, as well as one that you complete before you leave your campsite. Bring trash (including fruit peels and cores) to a designated receptacle if there is one in your campground or at another nearby location. Yes, in some cases, this may mean that you have to drive around with trash in your RV or tow vehicle for a short period of time, but removing trash daily will help keep animals and pests at bay and leave a pristine campsite for the next person to enjoy.

Luckily, doing these four things to help keep your campsite clean won’t take much of your time and they will help you enjoy yourself and your RV more than you imagined.

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