4 Themed RV Trips for Father’s Day

Father's Day RV TripsIt’s not an easy job to be a father. A dad must be dedicated to his family and work hard and long to keep his loved ones safe and protected. Of course, dads can be quirky, too, and think that tube socks are fashionable or that the kids still say things like “gnarly.” (They don’t, by the way.) Regardless, if you’re looking for ways to honor your dad as Father’s Day approaches, consider taking an RV trip that has a theme and focuses on something he enjoys and loves.

Whether you surprise your father or you plan the trip out together, there are a great many adventures on which you can embark. So, jump in the RV and check out these ideas for themed trips:

  • Fly fishing – Fly fishing is the perfect activity for any dad who enjoys a challenge and loves to get outside to commune with nature. Some of the best fly fishing can be found in the San Juan River in New Mexico, Bighorn River in Montana, and in the Colorado River and Blue River in Colorado.
  • Museums – If your dad is a history or art buff, plan a trip around museums that feature exhibits dedicated to his favorite topics or time periods. Does World War II fascinate him? Head to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. It’s been recognized by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards as the No. 2 museum in the world and the No. 2 museum in the United States. For art fans, the Art Institute in Chicago or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City are must-sees.
  • Hiking – Maybe you grew up outside with your dad, hiking nature trails and appreciating the great outdoors. What better way to celebrate your father and cement the bond that you have with each other than to hike along some of – or if time and lifestyles permit, all of – the legendary Appalachian Trail? The trail runs from Georgia to Maine and has some of the most scenic landscapes in the country. If your dad’s personality is a little more “wild west,” you could travel to the Grand Canyon for more hiking opportunities and amazing views.
  • Musical tour – Do some of your favorite memories involve listening to music or going to concerts with your dad? Then perhaps a trip that hits musical hot spots is in order. You can’t go wrong with heading to Nashville, Tennessee, which is the epicenter of the country music world, or Memphis for blues and jazz if that’s more of what your dad enjoys. Austin, Texas is another option, with a booming music scene encompassing many genres.

You could also plan RV escapes around food (find all the best BBQ joints in the country), sports (visit some of the nation’s baseball stadiums), or even theme parks or breweries. The sky’s the limit. Just remember that where you end up won’t be as important as spending quality time with your father doing some activities that he enjoys.

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