Fourth of July Activities for Kids to Enjoy While Camping

4th of JulyThe Fourth of July is a wonderful time for a summer RV camping trip with the family. The sun is hot, the water at the pool, lake, or ocean is cool, and everyone is ready to relax. Everyone except maybe your children. If you want to relax on this patriotic holiday, but you also need to keep the kids entertained, have no fear. There are many fun, safe ways you can occupy the children and still kick back and enjoy the day.

Some entertaining activities that your kids can do include:

  • Getting crafty – Get your little ones’ creative juices flowing with some crafts like making patriotic decorations for their bikes or scooters. For example, it’s easy to make streamers for bike handles: just decorate two empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls with paint and stickers, and then tape or glue red, white, and blue curling ribbon to the ends. Next, slide a decorated roll onto each handle and go for a ride. Another easy craft for kids to do is to paint a white plastic or paper tablecloth with fireworks, American flags, stars, and other patriotic symbols. Once the paint dries, you’ll have a beautiful tablecloth to serve meals on!
  • Making yummy treats – Getting the kids involved in making food is an activity that will not only keep them busy but will also keep them full! Try having the kids make fruit rockets: Slide grapes and blueberries onto wooden skewers in an alternating pattern and then top the skewer with a strawberry to create the look of a rocket. You can even tie curled ribbons or streamers to the tail end of the skewer to mimic the fire trail for the rocket. Another easy treat that the kids can help you make is red, white, and blue Jell-O cups. Use clear glasses and add layers of blue Jell-O, a white milk-and-sugar gelatin blend, and red Jell-O to create the look you desire.
  • Playing games – For kids with a lot of energy to burn, you’ll need some games lined up. Think back to your childhood and introduce your children to timeless outdoor games such as tag, hide-and-seek, Red Rover, and kickball. If the RV campground or location you’re staying in permits you to, you can even make squares for hopscotch and other games using chalk on concrete and pavement or spray paint chalk that’s safe to use on grass. And of course, no summer RV camping trip is complete without at least one epic water balloon fight. Fill red, white, and blue balloons with water and get to tossin’.

Of course, the best activity of the day will be to watch the fireworks display as a family after the sun goes down. Once that’s over, and if you want the fun to continue, get the campfire going and make s’mores with the family to end your Fourth of July on a sweet note.

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