5 Types of Lights Perfect for RV Camping

RV lightsThis time of year, the sun sets earlier in the evening and the cool, dark night settles in. Nighttime is when camping in an RV becomes magical – the campfire is lit, everyone is gathered around the fire, and the retelling of the day’s adventures and other memories begins.

But nighttime is also just plain dark, so it’s nice to have some other lights besides the campfire to help you get around.

Here are five types of lights that you can use around the RV and to dress up your campsite with beautiful and functional illumination:

  • String lights – If you think of camping with string lights, you’ll probably recall the flamingo lights that you see on at least one RV in most campgrounds. But there are many kinds of string lights, from novelty options to Edison bulb sets to everything in between. Not only can these lights offer a bit of whimsy and decoration, they are great for hanging on awnings and in trees for light.
  • Rope lights – For a unique way to lights paths, objects around the campsite, and even windows, consider rope lights. These lights tend to be a bit dimmer than some other types of lighting and will add a certain low-light ambiance to the outdoor oasis surrounding your RV. Many rigs have rope lights pre-attached to awnings, but if your awning doesn’t have them, you can easily buy a few strands and hang them yourself. Another great feature of these lights is that they are flexible and can easily be rolled up and stored.
  • Solar lights – From garden and path lights to lanterns, there are many different solar-powered options on the market. When it comes to RV camping, you may find that the best solar light for you is the lantern. Whether you’re moving from the picnic table to the grill to check on burgers or you’re taking a walk through the night to the campground bathrooms, a solar lantern is durable, easy to transport, and is bright enough to guide you through the night.
  • Flashlights – Having several high-quality flashlights stored around your RV is essential. The heavy-duty Maglite flashlights are options, but so are the smaller tactical flashlights that can be easily fit into a pocket or handbag while not in use. Flashlights throw significant light and will help you see clearly in the dark.
  • Candles – Candles offer a gentle warm glow that just can’t be beat. Whether you use scented candles inside your RV for ambiance or citronella candles outside your RV to fight bugs, the resulting light will cast a soft light in the area. Consider using flameless candles as an alternative to regular candles, especially in parks and campgrounds that don’t allow open flames.

Regardless of the types of lights you ultimately choose to use while camping, keep in mind that there will likely be other campers around you. People in tents cannot block out light as effectively as people in RVs can, so just be mindful of how bright your outdoor lights are and how long you keep them lit. Overall, have respect for your fellow campers!

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