What Are Equine RVs?

Equine RV
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Equine RVs are vehicles that can transport horses in the rear of the unit while providing living space for humans toward the front. These RVs are a truly versatile option for equestrians who need to move horses from one location to another and have a comfortable place to sleep and eat for themselves. Whether traveling with one horse for weekend rides in the mountains or with several horses and people for events and competitions, there’s a horse trailer with living quarters that will suit most anyone’s needs.

For example, equine RVs:

  • Come in a variety of types and floor plans – Horse RVs range from basic trailers to luxury motor coaches constructed on heavy-duty commercial truck chassis. The type and size of the RV one needs will depend on the number of horses and people that will be traveling together. One or more horse stalls make up the rear of the vehicle, with living space in front. Equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even living room, an equine RV offers the same amenities that regular RVs offer, including slide outs to add even more space.
  • Have many comfortable features for horses – Horse trailers with living quarters are manufactured for humans, but the comfort of the horses to be transported is also considered. From thick, shock-absorbing rubber mats or floor coatings that protect horses’ joints and allow them to remain stable, to roof vents that provide ample ventilation and proper air circulation for the animals, there are many features that ensure equine companions will have just as comfortable a trip as their human chauffeurs.
  • Durable construction – Because horse trailer RVs need to stand up to heavy-duty use and abuse, they are constructed with high-quality materials like aluminum and steel. Higher end models also have real-wood cabinetry, leather furniture, and other quality finishes.
  • Plenty of storage – A horse trailer without ample storage is basically useless. Luckily, most equine RVs come with lots of space for tack and feed as well other gear and equipment.

While horse trailer RVs aren’t necessary for most RV enthusiasts, they do provide a unique and comfortable way for people to get themselves and their horses from point A to point B.

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