5 Easy Ways to Have a Ghoulish Halloween in Your RV

halloweenJust because summer is technically over doesn’t mean that your camping season needs to end. In fact, fall is one of the best times of year to take your RV out on the road, especially here in Florida where temperatures can often remain quite warm. And in October, with Halloween as the main event of the month, your camping trip can – and should – take on a decidedly spooky vibe.

Here are five easy ways to have a bone-chilling Halloween while camping in your RV:

  1. Play games – Set up a scavenger hunt for your family and other neighboring RVers. You can hide trinkets or candy near your campsite or around the campground and leave clues at each location as to where the next item can be found. The campground you stay in may even have activities and events, such as hayrides, costume contests, movie nights, and more, that you can participate in.
  2. Carve pumpkins – A quintessential activity for Halloween, carving pumpkins on a sunny afternoon is a must while you’re camping. Cover a table with a plastic tablecloth and set out pumpkins and a variety of cutting and scooping tools (but adults should be the only ones using sharp knives, not children). Use stencils on pumpkins to create artistic designs or stick to the basics and carve the typical jack o’ lantern with triangle eyes and a toothy grin. Clean the pumpkin seeds that are scooped out and bake them in your RV’s oven – or better yet, on the grill or campfire – for a tasty snack.
  3. Set a spooky scene – Your campsite will likely provide an excellent backdrop for creepy decorations. Use jack o’ lanterns, cotton spider webs, cinder block gravestones, string lights, and other easy-to-create décor that will increase your RVs spook factor. If neighboring RVers are willing, you can all come up with a theme as a group and decorate in a similar fashion.
  4. Go trick-or-treating – First, check with the staff at your campground to see if trick-or-treating is allowed. If so, you can traverse the campground with your kids in costumes and flashlights in hand. But be respectful of RV owners who have their lights off – that means they are not participating in trick-or-treating festivities.
  5. Tell ghost stories – There is probably nothing more spine-tingling than listening to a good ghost story told in the dead of night. Gather family and friends around the campfire and see who can tell the scariest tales.

Regardless of what activities you decide to do while camping during this spooktacular time of year, remember to be safe and always assist and accompany children so they are not left by themselves. Enjoy your fall camping trip!

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