What is a Park Model RV?

park model RV
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A park model RV (PMRV) – also known as a recreational park trailer – is a towable that looks somewhat like a small cottage and provides temporary accommodations primarily for long-term/seasonal and recreational camping. These RVs must be hooked up to site electric, sewer, and water to be functional living spaces for long-term stays. In fact, many large-scale campgrounds have spots for park model RVs so that snowbirds, who comes from cold, northern climes to stay in warmer temperatures during the winter, can bring their PMRVs and live comfortably for several months at a time.

Key features of park model RVs include:

  • Space – With up to 400 square feet of space, a PMRV clearly has plenty of room and allows for comfortable, long-term living without the space constraints of other types of RVs. These RVs cannot be any larger than 400 square feet, otherwise they would be considered manufactured homes and would be subject to different regulations and taxes.
  • Comforts of home – While many RVs boast certain features of full-size homes, none can compare to a park model RV, which can have a large kitchen with full-size appliances, dining nook, washer and dryer, a sizable bathroom and bedroom, and more.
  • The look of home – On the outside, park model units look like mini homes or cottages, with shingled or metal roofs, gabled windows, and even siding! Many models have high ceilings, lofted areas, and built-in porches or carports.
  • Flexibility – In addition to being an excellent option for seasonal RVers, a PMRV can be used as a weekend retreat near a favorite fishing or hunting location or even set up nearby to family members in other locations.

Other Things to Consider

Because of the features that PMRVs offer, they can sometimes be more expensive than other types of RVs. Setting them up in campground locations may also cost more than a typical RV, as renting a space or lot to keep the RV may be necessary. Additionally, PMRVs are not meant to be moved frequently. For example, a park model is not the type of RV you’d want to consider if you like to drive long distances several times a year for vacations. PMRVs must be hauled by special trucks and are meant to be semi-permanent residences once placed. Still, they offer a unique RV lifestyle that suits many people and their specific needs.

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