Unique Ways to Use Your RV

Recreational vehicles are houses on wheels. Anywhere you go, you have a home base, with all the creature comforts you could desire. From backwoods boondocking to urban “glamping,” an RV offers the perfect solution for a camping getaway.

But you don’t have to relegate yourself to using your RV for vacations only. There are plenty of other ways in which you can make use of your trusty vehicle!

School Events for Your Children

If your kids are athletically or musically inclined, they probably have plenty of games, concerts, tournaments, and competitions to attend throughout the year. Bringing your RV to school events provides several benefits, including giving your child a comfy ride home after a marching band competition or cross-country race and having a place to warm up, cook food, and stretch out during all-day events.


There is nothing better than having a place to take a nap or just relax during a long day walking around at a festival. Whether you attend the annual Renaissance festival or hit the road to get to the best music festivals in the country, traveling in your RV is the way to go. Your RV can be a great vehicle to use even at festivals that are close to home!


For city dwellers, enjoying the night sky is a rarity. So, getting beyond the glow of the city lights to look up and see the stars is a treat. Collimate your telescope, pack up the lawn chairs, hop in the RV, and head out into areas of “dark sky,” places where light pollution is reduced or nonexistent.

Fundraising Events

There are plenty of non-profit organizations that hold events every year to raise money for various causes. Some events, such as road races, could use RVs as places to dole out snacks or as checkpoints. If you’re feeling generous, call your favorite charity and see if they could benefit from using your rig for an event. You can feel good about donating use of your vehicle to a worthy cause and the organization can take advantage of a comfortable place to do registrant check-in or other tasks related to the event.

These are just a few ways you can use your rig beyond your usual camping experience. If you own your RV, you know it wasn’t a cheap purchase and that it’s important to make good use of it. So, get creative and start figuring out ways to maximize the use of your rig!

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