What is the Difference Between a Wet Bath and a Dry Bath?

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A dry bath is what you likely have in your home; there’s a shower and/or tub, a toilet, and sink in their own designated areas. When you shower, you’re in the shower/tub area. A wet bath, however, essentially combines the toilet and shower space, with the entire bathroom floor being waterproof and having a drain. When you shower in a wet bath, the toilet and the rest of the bathroom get wet.

Advantages of Wet Baths

The concept of a wet bath can be difficult for many people to grasp, but wet baths do offer RVers several advantages, including:

  • An efficient use of space – Wet baths are particularly common in smaller RVs because take up less space in an RV than dry baths. That could mean that you gain more space in other areas of your rig, such as your bedroom or kitchen.
  • A larger shower – Because the shower is the entire bathroom, the shower itself can have a larger footprint than the shower in an RV dry bath.
  • Less daily maintenance – Because the wet bath will be wet frequently, there is little need for regular cleaning or dusting as would be required in a dry bath.

Disadvantages of Wet Baths

Some of the cons that come with using wet baths include:

  • Having to keep certain bathroom items protected – Bathroom supplies and toiletries that you would normally keep out in the open or in a cabinet in a dry bath are suddenly exposed to water in a wet bath. Things such as toilet paper and towels need to be stored in areas where they won’t get wet during a shower.
  • Ensuring the space is properly dried out after each use – Another challenge with wet baths is that they must be dried after every use to prevent moisture buildup and mold and mildew growth in your rig. It’s a good idea to keep a squeegee and chamois in your wet bath to use after showering.
  • Not being able to double up during morning routines – Having more than one person in any RV bathroom is a feat, but it is especially difficult in a wet bath, and honestly, isn’t possible. You can’t be brushing your teeth while your spouse is showering in the same room, so you’ll have to establish morning routines that are performed separately.

A wet bath is an excellent option if you can easily adapt what you normally do in a dry bath. Luckily, if a wet bath isn’t your style and doesn’t fit your needs, you can opt for an RV that has a dry bath.

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