Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the RV Way

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St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that honors the legendary patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century. Suffering hardships early in life – he was torn from his family and entered into slavery – and throughout much of the rest of his life, too, St. Patrick relied on his faith to survive and helped many turn to Christianity in the process.

His legacy is what people around the world celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day. And what better way for you to do that than to travel in your RV and tap into the festivities held around the country. Here are just a few ways you can honor St. Patrick this year in your rig:

Head to a Parade

When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, there are a few cities in the United States that know how to do it and do it well. Drive your rig to Boston, for example, and experience one of the world’s largest parades, where marching bands, Irish dancers, and other artists perform for onlookers throughout the streets of the city. In Chicago, the Chicago River that winds through the city is dyed green and a parade makes its way through town. Closer to home, in Savannah, Georgia, the festivities are just as exciting, with a parade that courses through the Historic Park District, fountains that are dyed green, and a street festival to honor St. Patrick.

Go Green, Literally and Figuratively

Green is the color of St. Patty’s Day, representing Ireland and symbolizing good luck. So it only makes sense to add the luck of the Irish to your RV with green decorations inside and out. For some, that may mean adding tasteful green accents around the interior of the RV, such as beautiful plants and greenery, throw pillows, and candles. For others, decorating may mean green streamers and banners, shamrock cutouts, string lights, window decals, and table decorations. Whatever your style, there’s a way you can visually show off your excitement for the holiday.

Another way to go green is in the figurative sense, where you make choices that can help you live a greener RV lifestyle. That could mean finding ways to reduce water use or investing in solar panels to make living in your RV more efficient and earth friendly.

Experience Nature

The month of March ushers in the beginning of spring, when nature is in its rebirth phase after the winter months. Add some natural green into your life by getting outside to experience the great outdoors. Plan a trip that centers around hiking through forests to see waterfalls or boondock along a quiet lake with rich vegetation around you.

However you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your RV, do it in good cheer and with an appreciation of the world around you.

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