Plan a Major League Baseball Tour in Your RV

Major League Baseball

March 29 marks the first day of the 2019 Opening Season for the Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. Spring has finally sprung, temperatures are on the rise, and activity surrounding America’s favorite pastime is about to kick into high gear.

For many RV enthusiasts, a road trip that involves visiting some or all the baseball stadiums in the country and taking in MLB games is a dream vacation. If your idea of an amazing spring or summer trip includes getting your fill of hot dogs, beer, and peanuts and crackerjacks while you cheer for your favorite teams, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how you can start planning a road trip that takes you to the ballfields of your choice this summer.

Check Schedules

The first step in planning your baseball-themed trip is to check the team schedules. If you have a favorite team, start with their schedule. Check what other teams they are playing and where. Always catch the team of a particular city at a home game! But perhaps you’re more interested in visiting certain famous fields, such as Fenway Park in Boston, Wrigley Field in Chicago, or Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. If that’s the case, you can plan your trip to visit the parks that are must-sees for you, regardless of what teams are playing.

Plan the Route

Once you know what games and parks you want to visit, you can determine your route. Unless you’re planning to visit all 30 stadiums over the course of the spring and summer, it’s best to visit parks that are in the same region. For example, you could tour the Midwest, starting your ball park visits in Kansas City then going to St. Louis before heading north into Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minnesota.

Budget Accordingly

You will likely spend a fair amount of money on a national baseball tour, even if you don’t hit all 30 stadiums. Not only will you have to buy tickets to the games you want to see, but you’ll also need to buy gas and food at the parks and elsewhere, among other things. And depending on your RV and your style of camping, you’ll need to reserve spots at campsites near the ball parks you’re visiting. It can add up, so budgeting is important. In fact, over budgeting will allow you have some wiggle room for side trips and other unforeseen occurrences.  

Live your childhood fantasy and start planning your MLB tour today to ensure that you experience the trip of a lifetime!

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