Choose the Perfect RV Mattress

RV mattress

Even if you haven’t been an RV enthusiast for long, you’ve likely experienced one of the more challenging aspects of RV life: sleeping on the stock mattress that came with your motorhome or trailer. Yes, it seems like a trivial thing to bellyache about having a less-than-ideal mattress to sleep on when you’re camping (you could be sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag, after all). But there is something to be said for making yourself as comfortable as possible when you sleep in your rig.

Unfortunately, the mattresses that come with most RVs are not the best. They tend to be thinner and harder than residential mattresses, for a variety of reasons. And this can make even its occasional use unpleasant. This is compounded for the folks who RV full-time – they have to sleep on that thing every night!

So, if you want to replace the stock mattress in your rig with another one, carefully think about these factors before you buy!

  • Consider overall weight – Your RV has a gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) that is the maximum amount your rig can weigh when it’s full, including gas, water, food, and supplies. You need to consider this rating when purchasing a new mattress. Depending on its size, a residential mattress could weigh from 50 to 100 pounds, which could be a significant chunk of your overall GTWR.
  • Measure properly – It’s important to remember that RV mattresses are often weird shapes and sizes compared to residential mattresses. In fact, a queen bed in an RV can be many inches shorter in both length and width than a traditional queen mattress. Take careful measurements before you buy any mattress to ensure you’re getting the right size and fit for your space.
  • Think about heat dissipation – Sleeping in an RV means you’re already in a fairly tight space, so it can get warm overnight. If you tend to run hot while sleeping, choose a mattress that can help dissipate heat. You can do this by carefully selecting the type of mattress you purchase. Innerspring mattresses are typically the best at distributing heat. While memory foam mattresses may offer the most comfort, they often trap the most heat.  

Getting a good night’s rest is consistently recommended for anyone looking to avoid health issues and improve their general well-being. So, choosing and sleeping on a mattress that helps you achieve that coveted rest, even while you’re on vacation, is a must.

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