Honor and Celebrate Mom on an RV Trip

Mothers Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day and that means it’s time to celebrate moms, whether biological or otherwise. What to get a mom as a gift can always be a difficult decision to make, but for RV-loving mothers, a material gift may not be necessary. A camping trip or traveling to a new destination in a rig may be just the thing she’d enjoy.

Here’s how to make sure you celebrate her during the trip:

Go Where She Wants to Go

When you’re planning this trip, ask the mom in your life where she’d like to go. Are the mountains calling her name? Does she dream of lounging on sparkling, white-sand beaches with a cocktail in hand? Does her idea of an epic vacation involve stopping at all the best barbeque spots in the South? Plan the trip around wherever her heart desires to go.

Give Her Some Space When You Get There

Moms are busy people. They maintain the family schedule and ensure that everyone gets to jobs, school, and other activities on time, usually while holding down their own jobs and hobbies. So, make sure that mom has some “her time” during the camping trip. That might mean taking the family to see a movie so she can go kayaking alone or read in a hammock for the afternoon. Another idea is to organize a campground potluck one night so that the task of feeding broods a homecooked meal can be spread among many families.

Let Her Stretch Her Wings

An RV-loving mom is likely an outdoorsy woman, someone who prefers watching sunrises and sunsets over mindlessly watching TV or hiking beautiful mountain trails instead of walking through outlet malls. As such, one of the best things you can do for the mom you know is to give her the adventure she craves. Get outside and do the activities she likes to do, whether that’s fishing, hiking, biking, walking, kayaking, paddleboarding, ATVing, horseback riding, diving, or anything else. Schedule time to partake in her favorite outdoor pastime.

Bring Her Food and Drink

There’s nothing better than relaxing by the fire after a day spent outside, eating a delicious meal with a beverage in hand. For the mom you love, make sure she has an opportunity to enjoy some of her favorite foods and drinks, be it burgers and beer or grilled salmon and seltzer water. Take the initiative to plan and make the food (or order out, if that’s possible) and ensure that she gets to try everything first. It wouldn’t hurt to fluff up her camp chair pillow, either!

What are some ways you have celebrated the mom in your life when camping? Comment below or contact us today!

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