Pick the Perfect RV Floor Plan

RV floor plan
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You’ve decided to get a new or used RV. And even though there are many types to choose from – motorhomes, fifth wheels, truck campers, and more – you’ve chosen the type that will perfectly meet your needs. Now you’re on the hunt for that RV and while you’re looking, you’re comparing floor plans in vehicles you like. You should know what layout would work best for you the second you see it, right?

Unfortunately, no. Picking the floor plan that will suit you and your specific needs best isn’t as easy as it sounds. You will have to consider several factors to ensure you’re selecting a rig that is laid out in a way that will suit your travel and living style. Here’s how:

Think About Traffic Flow…Inside Your RV

It may seem kind of silly to think about, but where the entry door is placed can have a major impact on the flow of traffic inside your RV. Ideally, the door should be located in a spot where people coming and going won’t disrupt anyone else who is already inside, whether they’re in the kitchen cooking or conversing in the living space. You may also want a door near the kitchen if you plan to eat outside a lot – bringing food outside will be much easier.

Consider How You’ll Actually Live in Your RV

Do you like to watch a show or two before you go to bed at night? Perhaps having a TV in the bedroom will be a necessity. Is cooking for every meal important to you? Maybe you could still function in a kitchen with a small footprint, but a large kitchen may be more ideal. Do the kids need a space to complete projects and play games while on the road, especially when the weather is bad? If so, you may need a large dining or living area. Ask yourself how you plan to live in and use your RV and then make sure a floor plan can accommodate that.

Count Beds

Account for everyone that will be traveling with you regularly and ensure that there’s enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably. Dinettes and bunks above captain chairs are common sleeping options in smaller RVs, but if you have to set up and make a bed every night for yourself, rather than have a dedicated bed, it could become a frustration over time. But choosing a plan that includes a dedicated bedroom and bunk space or other sleeping areas could be the perfect solution.

Make Sure Slides Don’t Block Access to Important Areas

Having slides in your rig provides extra space that can be essential for groups of friends or families traveling together. How many slides your rig might have and where they’re located are important aspects to consider when choosing a floor plan, but so is the placement of slides when they’re not in use. In some RV models, when slides are pulled in (retracted) for travel, they can block access to certain areas inside the rig, such as essential areas of the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the bedroom. That would make it difficult to make quick stops for a nap or bathroom break when traveling.

With these factors in mind, you can begin searching for the perfect RV floor plan in the style rig you desire.

What is the most important thing you’ll think about when choosing a floor plan? Let us know – comment below or contact us today!

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