4 Tips to Make Cooking in Your RV a Breeze

cooking in your RV

Cooking and eating in an RV can be a challenge. The limited space in RV kitchens, smaller-than-normal appliances, tight storage, and less-than-spacious countertops all add to the problem. For many people, eating out more is the solution. But you should know that it’s not impossible to cook meals on the road. In fact, it can be quite easy when you get a system going.

Check out these four tips that will help you more easily and effectively cook in your rig!

Plan Ahead

It may seem daunting to think about and plan what you’re going to eat for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner while on a trip, but doing so will save you time and a bunch of frustration in the end. Even if you’ll be camping for a few short days, meal planning is necessary. Before you leave, think about the meals you’d like to make each day and determine the ingredients you’ll need for each meal. Don’t forget spices and seasonings! It’s okay if you end up grocery shopping every few days or so; you may not be able to keep and store all the food you’ll need, especially for longer trips.

Don’t Go Overboard

Make sure you opt for meals that are easy to make, requiring only a few ingredients and even fewer pans to cook. Your camping trip is not the time to try making your first beef Wellington! Instead, try putting a stew in a slow cooker before you head out for a day of adventure at the beach, in the mountains, or at a lake – you’ll come home to an amazing, hot meal with very little effort on your part. You should also keep a supply of foods that are ready to eat, such as fruits with peels, yogurt, cereals, granola bars, chips, and more.

Double Up

Whether you’re cooking on the stove or a hotplate inside, or you’re firing up the grill outside, make the best use of the time (and energy!) by cooking as much as you can in one setting. For example, cook extra protein and vegetables one day so that you can store some as leftovers for the next. If you’re going to hard boil eggs for breakfast, make a few more than you normally would and stock up on this quick grab-and-go snack.

Keep it Clean

The final tip is to keep your RV kitchen clean. There’s nothing worse than trying to prepare meals and have to work around dirty dishes in the sink or a cluttered countertop. Keep the kitchen spotless by cleaning as you go. When you’re done with the chef’s knife, wash it and put it away. Return ingredients you’ve already used back to the refrigerator or cupboard. And wipe down countertops frequently.

So, don’t fear! With these four starter tips, you can get a better handle on how to efficiently cook and prepare meals in your rig. Doing so will help save you money and you’ll enjoy spending time with family and friends as you share meals together.

What are your go-to meals when you’re camping? Comment below or contact us today!

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