4 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer in Your RV

keep cool in the summer

The calendar tells us that it’s officially summer, and that means the camping season is in full swing. The sun’s out, the grill’s fired up, and it’s going to be a great day. Well, it was before you started sweating profusely. Camping, even in your RV, means you’ll be exposed to all the heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun you can handle, but that doesn’t mean you have to be completely uncomfortable and covered in sweat.

In fact, there are a few easy ways you can keep your rig – and yourself – cool this summer. Here are 4 of them!

Park in the Shade

The very first thing you can do to keep cool in your RV is to select a camp site that is fully or partially shaded. Of course, you may have to choose a camp site weeks or even months in advance of your trip, so doing a little research to get the perfect spot may be necessary. Picking a site that is surrounded by trees or other structures that block the sun will help keep your rig cooler during your stay.

Use an Awning

If you can’t secure a shaded camping spot, the next best thing to do is to create shade for your rig. Park your RV in a way that allows the side with the awning to be on the side of the campsite that gets the most sun. That way, when the awning is extended, it can help block the sun’s rays and keep the interior of the RV cool. Plus, with your awning out, you’ll have a shaded spot to eat meals and spend time with friends and family.

Use Reflective Material in the Windows

Radiant heat from UV rays is what can cause an RV to really warm up during the day. You can help block some of that heat by using reflective insulation in the windows. Simply cut the insulation to fit your windows and put the shiny metallic side facing out. Secure the insulation with visors on the windshield or with shades and blinds on other windows, or even double-sided tape. The reflective material will essentially reflect the UV rays coming from the sun away from your rig, rather than absorb them, and help keep it cooler.


One final option is to ventilate your rig with ventilation fans. Ventilating is important to the health of your RV anyway, helping to move excess moisture – typically caused by cooking and bathing – up and out of the RV, helping to prevent mildew and mold growth. This process can also help to reduce the temperature. Make sure you have a few ventilation fans in the ceiling of your rig and run them at the same time to promote cross ventilation. Doing so will naturally keep the interior temperature cool.

Of course, if you have an air conditioner in your rig and can run it during certain times of day, that could be the most effective way to keep things frosty in your RV.

What methods do you use to keep your rig cool during summer trips? Comment below or contact us today

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