Give Dad the Gift He Really Wants for Father’s Day

Fathers Day

It can get more and more difficult to find meaningful gifts for your dad on Father’s Day each year. Maybe your dad has everything, so what could you possibly buy him? Or maybe he doesn’t like the pomp and circumstance of receiving gifts, so you struggle to think of something he would like without being too over the top.

Whatever your gift-buying struggle is, there is hope. This is especially true if your dad is an RV enthusiast. Here are just a few of the thoughtful gift ideas you can consider for your RV-loving pops:

  • Get the whole family together – Whether young or old, fathers appreciate being appreciated. It’s embedded in their fabric. So, planning a family trip where your dad’s children, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and whomever else comprises the family all come together for a camping trip to celebrate him as a dad would be a magical gift.
  • Give him an experience – Believe it or not, most dad’s do not want ties for Father’s Day. In fact, material things are not always on their lists of must-haves. Instead, giving your dad a gift of an experience is something he’ll treasure forever. For example, the experience might be an RV trip with him out to see national parks he’s never visited. Other ideas include getting him tickets to see his favorite band in concert or going on the fly-fishing trip of a lifetime.
  • Allow him to have some alone time – Maybe your dad’s idea of a perfect Father’s Day gift is some quality alone time. Buy him a few days at his favorite camping spot and make sure he has the time to do whatever he wants to do, whether that’s biking, hiking, or napping.
  • Cook him a meal – There’s really nothing better than a homecooked meal, particularly when camping. Get outside with your dad and cook him a meal that features all his favorite foods. Bonus points for cooking over the campfire!

Ultimately, most dads just want the simple things on Father’s Day – love and appreciation. What is your idea of the best Father’s Day gift? Comment below or contact us today!

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