4 Reasons Why a Solar Power System May Be Right for You

Americans are trying to find ways to live life as “green” as possible and implementing solar power into their lives and homes becomes a consideration. It even is a discussion among RV enthusiasts. But is getting solar power system for your RV right for you? Will it truly benefit you?

In general, here are 4 reasons why a solar power system may be just what you need to take your RV camping trips to the next level. 

You dry camp (or boondock) often

Boondocking frequently is probably the biggest reason you might want to get solar panels for your RV. If you typically camp in campgrounds with hookups, there really isn’t a reason for you to depend on solar power. But if you do more dry camping throughout the year than you do staying at campgrounds, you could benefit from a solar power system on your RV. 

You camp in relatively temperate climates 

Solar panels are the most effective when they operate in sunny, moderate weather with temperatures less than 80 degrees. In hot climates (and in dreary, overcast weather, too) solar panels are less efficient. So, if you camp mostly in areas that have generally comfortable weather, you could benefit from using solar panels.

 You understand that the investment will yield long-term savings

Many people believe that having a solar power system will instantly save them money. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Solar systems are not cheap, running anywhere from $1500 for a basic setup to tens of thousands of dollars for more robust systems. This upfront cost can make getting a return on your investment more of a long-term goal. The good news is, the more you use your RV’s solar panel system, the sooner the system will pay for itself. Simply compare the projected cost of your solar panel setup to the typical cost of your current setup (e.g. do your camping expenses usually include fuel and maintenance for your generator, RV park fees, etc.?). That will help you determine whether getting a system is a good investment for you. 

You love the freedom to camp almost anywhere

The beauty of solar-powered camping is that you are not held back by the need for campsite hookups. You can travel to the more remote areas of the country, which tend to be the most scenic and beautiful, and camp without a care in the world. Depending on your solar power system, you can operate appliances when you need them and not have to turn on the generator very often, if at all. If seeing landscapes and being among nature is more important to you than having hookups, the benefit of having a solar power system installed will far outweigh any disadvantages you could think of. 

Do you have solar panels on your RV? In what ways have they benefited you? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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