How Do You Keep Your RV Life Organized?


Any RV owner can tell you there’s a lot to remember and do when you own and travel in an RV. This is true not only for packing up and hitting the road, but also for setting up and breaking down camp. For many RVers, the need for organization comes about after some sort of incident: driving away from a campsite with the hookups still…well, hooked up; forgetting to schedule the maintenance appointment; failing to check the tires before driving away on vacation. While a handful of issues that can arise from some sort of forgetfulness are typically easy to remedy, others can seem like a downright disaster. Regardless of the enormity of the situation, any minor inconvenience is often enough to send most RV enthusiasts into a tailspin.

Luckily, there are lots of great ways to begin organizing your RV life. Compile packing lists, checkoff lists, to-do lists, and more with these helpful tools.


We are tethered to our smartphones, so it only makes sense that we use them for organization, too. You can set reminders for certain tasks and to-dos, and use calendar apps to make maintenance appointments, block off vacation time, and create daily itineraries for vacation days packed with events.  

Google Products

Make your smartphone (and nearly any other device) even more of a productivity powerhouse with Google products. There are many organizational applications out there that make it easy for nearly anyone to create and access files of information. Check out:

  • Gmail – Set up your inbox to have specific folders in which you can store emails based on RV travel, such as promotional items from your favorite service technicians, camping goods stores, and campgrounds, and newsletter blasts from favorite blogs you follow.
  • Keep – Google Keep is a cloud-based notetaking app that syncs with Google Drive products. It allows for simple and fast notetaking – think shopping lists and to-do lists you scribble on Post-It notes – that you can access quickly and easily from any device. You can also add photos and audio notes, too.
  • Sheets – Google’s version of Microsoft Excel, Sheets is the spreadsheet app you didn’t know you needed. Keep track of expenses for travel, repairs, and maintenance, and even keep your budget in check while on the road.
  • Docs – This product is Google’s version of Microsoft Word. Create printable checklists, flyers for the campground potluck you organize each year, and more.

Google products can even be shared and updated in real time among other Gmail users, so whether you’re splitting up pre-camping grocery duty with your spouse or need to coordinate among multiple families about who is bringing what to the annual camping trip, you can easily keep everything on track and organized.

Old-Fashioned Paper and Pens

While all the digital tools available to us today are helpful and aid in productivity and organization, simply writing down your lists on paper can work just as well. Keep your campsite set up and break down lists in folders near your RVs door or in a cabinet. Store receipts and paper budgets in a dedicated folder in the glovebox. Keep a magnetic notepad and a pen on a string attached to the RV refrigerator so you can quickly jot down ideas or grocery items.

How do you keep your RV life organized? Share in the comments or contact us today!

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