3 Ways to Keep Safety in Mind While Camping

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Camping in your RV should be a fun and exhilarating experience, not anything else. Yet that doesn’t mean you can naively let your guard down. Nor does it mean that you can trust everyone you encounter on the road or at the places you stay. While you shouldn’t be fearful of camping, you should have a healthy dose of street smarts and keep these three safety tips in mind.

Protect Your Personal Items

It may seem silly to have to lock up extra cash and credit cards in a safe when you leave your campsite each day, but you never know who’s wandering around, looking for an easy target. Store money and other valuables in a locked safe for the ultimate protection. Would-be thieves are also looking for items they can quickly grab and walk away with, so don’t leave equipment or other items that are important to you outside your rig. It might be a pain to pack up certain things every time you step away from your campsite, but it could save you headaches in the end.

Lock Your Rig Up

In addition to locking up valuables, don’t forget to lock your rig, too. The interesting thing with many RVs is that they share the same locks (and keys!) for doors and basement storage. For example, any key marked with CH751 can open most storage bays. So, do yourself a favor change the locks on your RV to ensure a unique lock and key that only you and people you trust are in possession of.

Observe Your Surroundings

Don’t forget that even the places you stop on your way to your final destination are still places where ne’er-do-wells could take advantage of you. For this reason, be mindful of where you make pit stops and where you choose to overnight. Keep an eye out for any activities that concern you or make you feel uncomfortable and if you get a bad feeling about something, move to a different location or try and make it to the next reasonable place to stop. There’s no sense in keeping yourself in harm’s way if you don’t have to be there.

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