Enjoy RV Life as a Senior

rv tips for seniors
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When you enter the senior stage of your life, you may start to slow down. In other words, you might be thinking about retirement. But slowing down from your career doesn’t mean you have to stop living life entirely. In fact, you should start thinking of ways to fill your free time, such as being with family, volunteering, and even traveling more.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel in an RV, then don’t let your age stop you from getting out there and enjoying the RV lifestyle. Keep these four tips in mind as you embark on your new adventure!

Choose a Rig that Meet Your Needs

If you’re purchasing or renting an RV for your first time, do some research to find out exactly the type of rig that will work best for you. If you plan to do short trips of a few days or so, a motorhome may be what you’re looking for. These rigs are an all-in-one package and don’t require a lot of intensive setup or breakdown. If you plan to stay in one spot for a longer period of time, say, several weeks to a month or more, a 5th wheel may be a better option for you. While you will need a hefty tow vehicle to tow a 5th wheel, this type of rig is better suited for long-term set up and typically offers the most square footage of living space than most other RVs to boot.

Make Your Rig Safer

If you have any sort of mobility challenges, it may be difficult for you to move around in certain situations and in tight spaces. Simple tasks like installing grab bars in the bathroom, handrails on the entry steps, and adding non-slip mats or flooring can help improve safety while you move in and around the rig.

Stock Up on Meds

If you take any medications, it’s a good idea to fill your prescriptions before you hit the road. If you plan to be gone for a month or more, ask your pharmacist for an extended supply of medications that will last for as long as you’re traveling. If that is not an option, bring your prescriptions to a national pharmacy chain, such as Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart. That way, wherever you are in the country, your information can be pulled up in one of these stores and your prescriptions can be filled.

Take Advantage of Discounts

As a senior, you qualify for a great many discounts and deals that you can enjoy while traveling. One such deal is for entry into U.S national parks. For $80, U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are aged 62 or older can get a pass that gives them – and their accompanying passengers – access to national parks for the rest of their lives. And when sights such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and others are on your list, this is a deal that can’t be beat. Additionally, other discounts to retail stores, restaurants, and more can be enjoyed just for being a certain age or for being a member of AARP.

Reaching a certain age doesn’t mean you have to stop everything and live a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, if your health allows, you can thrive in a vibrant, RV travel life in a rig that best suits your needs.

Are you a senior with an RV? What tips do you have for other seniors who may want to break into the lifestyle? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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