Spending the Holidays in an RV Park

holidays in an RV park

Traveling in your RV during the holidays seems like a no-brainer. You have your rig to visit family members, wherever they may be scattered across the country. But what if you tried something different, like telling Aunt Martha and Cousin Joe that you’ll see them another time because you’re choosing to go on a holiday destination vacation instead? 

Sure, staying in an RV park in a new location for the holidays could feel weird, but ultimately, you can make it what you want. Here are a few ideas that will help ensure your holiday spent in a campground is just as exciting and memorable as if you were home:

Plan a Holiday Potluck

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by meeting your campground neighbors and eating a meal together. One easy way to do this is to organize a holiday potluck. Round up other campers to contribute a dish or two and come together to enjoy something that pretty much everyone likes: food. 

Decorate Your Campsite

It wouldn’t quite feel like Christmas without a few decorations, so don’t forget to jazz up your campsite with some lights and some other decorations. And if the potluck helped you make friends with your camping neighbors, you could ask them to decorate their campsites as well. Better yet, see if everyone would participate in a decorating contest. 

Watch a Holiday Movie

A surefire way to steep yourself in cheer is to watch a holiday movie in your rig. There are plenty of classic holiday-themed movies to choose from, including Christmas classics like A Christmas Story all the way through to action films like Die Hard. Pick a flick or two, fire up the laptop or iPad, pop some popcorn, and cozy up in your RV for a holiday viewing party.  

Choose a Special Place to Spend Christmas Day or New Year’s Day

Traveling for the holidays can feel a little strange and outside your normal routine, but venturing beyond your comfort zone is what makes the best memories. That said, you should choose a special place to spend Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. For you, that might mean hiking a certain trail or going to kayaking all day. Or it might mean getting all dressed up to have dinner out somewhere. Whatever you do, think of something that you wouldn’t normally do if you were home and make that thing happen. 

Remember, experiences are often more memorable and meaningful than gifts, so whether you’re on your own and want to treat yourself by visiting a special destination or you want to bring your immediate family on a camping trip they’ll never forget, taking a holiday vacation can’t be beat. 

Have you stayed in an RV campground for the holidays before? What things helped make the stay special? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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