What Makes Airstreams So Popular?


Airstream travel trailers first made their debut in the 1930s, with the first metal tube-shaped model called the “Clipper” appearing in 1936. Among many other travel trailer companies started at the time, Airstream is the only one to that survived the Depression and is still going strong today.

So what is it about Airstream travel trailers that have created such loyalty to the brand since the 1930s? What makes these RVs so popular? Let’s explore a few reasons:


With a body and frame made of aluminum, Airstreams are some of the most durable, longest-lasting RVs on the market. In fact, when properly maintained, an Airstream can last for decades and may not experience some of the issues RVs made of other materials can encounter. This makes older Airstreams excellent candidates for remodeling projects.

Sleek Appearance

The silver-bullet look of an Airstream trailer is immediately noticeable when spotted on the road or in a campground. The exterior, streamlined design has stood the test of time, with tweaks and updates made over the years. Of course, Airstream now offers different models of their travel trailers, including small travel pods, and even touring coaches.

Economy & Ease of Operation

Because of its sleek lines and relatively small footprint, the Airstream is both aerodynamic and lightweight, making it easier to tow and more economical to operate than many other travel trailers. Plus, its short length, low height, and narrow body means it can fit in tunnels and tight spaces better than its larger fifth wheel counterparts.

Modern Interior Design & Style

New Airstreams come decked out with high-quality interior components in a swanky setting. Think brand-name fixtures, leather cushions, wood accents, and a modern minimalist style. New models are even certified green, so you can be an environmentally conscious camper and still look cool while doing it.

Resale Value

Airstreams tend to hold their value, especially when well taken care of. While the initial price can be a bit of a shock to buyers, the value these trailers maintain over the years typically outweighs other types of RVs.

All in all, Airstream has loyal fans because of its solid reputation, its commitment to using only high-quality materials and not skimping on production, and maintaining that sleek, modernist appearance that so many people love.

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