4 Myths About RVs…Busted!

RV myths busted

The RV lifestyle is a unique one that has drawn people to it for decades. The ability to travel the country and see new places is, of course, the main allure. Unfortunately, there are many myths about RVs that scare people into thinking that the lifestyle isn’t for them. Well, never fear. Here are four common myths about RVs and the reasons why they are not true!

RVs are only for retired people.

False! Many people from younger generations are embracing the freedom and excitement that comes with traveling in and owning an RV. I’m fact, a lot of those younger RVers are choosing to live in their rigs full time and work from the road. 

An RV is difficult to drive. 

This is not necessarily true. Yes, there may be a bit of a learning curve if you’ve only ever driven a sedan and then buy a 40-foot diesel pusher. But ultimately, learning how to operate a rig is not impossible. With practice, you can learn how to drive an RV just as well as anyone else, whether you opt for a motorhome or a towable.

There aren’t enough RV types.

This is definitely false. There are more types of RVs to choose from than ever before, and there’s a style for literally everyone. Travel alone and need something small that you can tow with a light SUV? Get a teardrop trailer, designed to maximize its small space. Like to travel with your ATV or motorbike? Opt for a toy hauler where you can bring your toys and still enjoy the comforts of home. 

You can only stay in campgrounds in an RV.

Not true! Adventurous folks who don’t mind camping without electricity or water hookups (called boondocking) can stay in a variety of national parks and even private lands, sometimes for free. These places often offer gorgeous views and fewer crowds than an RV park might have. 

Don’t let myths about RVs dissuade you from trying out the RV lifestyle in 2020. What myths have you heard about RVs? Share them with us in the comment section or contact us today! 

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