RV Trends to Look Out for in 2020

2020 rv trends

The dawning of a new decade often is a time for businesses to come up with new ideas, to try and find the things that will better cater to their client base’s needs more than ever before. This is true in the RV industry as well. As the popularity of the RV and van lifestyle continues to rise and attract new generations of RVers, manufacturers are getting creative and working to add important features that will help buyers live life in their rigs more easily. 

Let’s explore some of the top RV trends to look out for in 2020!

More Tech 

In our technology-centered world, it makes sense for the RV industry to embrace and incorporate more tech features in rigs. Some RVs now offer systems that can be controlled by a smartphone app. Turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature, operate shades and blinds, and even check on your battery life right from your phone. Plus, RV manufacturers are working to boost internet capabilities in rigs, especially since a lot of today’s tech requires an internet connection. As such, you’ll see more signal boosters and hot spots as features in more rigs. There are even small-but-so-necessary features being included, such as USB ports as outlets so you can easily charge your USB-based devices. 

Off-Grid Ready 

Another trend in the industry caters to the adventurous set of RV enthusiasts, people who want to boondock or go completely off-grid and explore the wilderness in all its glory. You’ll see more RVs that are lightweight, small, and towable, with heavy-duty off-road tires and axles. Some off-grid-ready models come equipped with solar capabilities and 12-volt appliances, to generate sustainable power and put it to good use in an efficient way. Another sign of the trend is RVs with pre-installed racking, allowing you to strap in your kayak in and hit the road whenever you want. 

Pet Friendly 

Traveling with the family fur babies is always on-trend and luckily, the RV industry is on board with it. Many new models of rigs have pet-specific features built right in, such as retractable food and water stations in drawers, leash hooks right outside the door (making it insanely easy to let the dog out, even in the middle of the night), and even built-in pet beds and spaces for kennels. What’s more, many rigs are forgoing carpet for beautiful vinyl, tile, or faux-wood flooring that’s easy to clean, even after Fido has an accident.  

These trends signal a new era for RVs, one that makes the RV lifestyle more accessible and addresses the needs of a wide customer base. And we’re ready for even more advances! 

Are there any trends you’re especially excited about? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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