3 Reasons to Downsize Your RV

downsize your RV

It’s an old mantra: “Bigger is better.” But these days, it seems like that mantra has gone the way of telephone booths and disappeared. More and more people are embracing a minimalist way of life, tiny houses are all the rage, and everyone wants to live more efficiently, simply, and be more conscious of their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. 

And while giant diesel pushers are small apartments on wheels and seemingly offer all the room one could ever want in an RV, there is something to be said for smaller rigs. 

Wondering whether downsizing your RV makes sense? Here are 4 reasons to go for it!

Save on Gas 

The larger the rig, the more gas it will take to move it. But downsizing to a smaller RV could improve your gas mileage, saving you money to boot. This could open room in your budget for more travel necessities or fun activities when you’re road tripping. Plus, you’ll be helping out the environment when you’re less dependent on fuel. 

Open Up Camping Possibilities

A small rig or towable allows you to be nimble while traveling. Want to camp in the quiet mountains but your Class A can’t fit on the narrow road that winds skyward? A smaller rig might be for you. Think about it: The opportunities to camp and boondock in more remote areas opens up to you if you’re driving a smaller rig. 

Depend on Fewer Things

Have you Marie Kondo’d up your life yet? Maybe not, but the famous organizational and minimalist guru would agree that downsizing to a small RV would force you to get rid of things you don’t actually need, or rather, things that don’t “bring you joy.” Maybe you don’t need 14 sweaters for a week-long fall getaway; 1 or 2 would do. And you don’t need to keep every tool you’ve ever owned in your rig; curate your toolbox to only include the essentials. A smaller rig with only so much storage and a reduced gross vehicle weight rating can help you do this. 

So take a chance and start living life by the “less is more” mantra. See how downsizing your RV can benefit you! 

Have you ever downsized before? Did you love it or not? Tell us why in the comments or contact us today! 

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