Do You Need an RV-Specific TV?


The RVing lifestyle allows you to be closer to nature and encourages outdoor exploration and activities. But even the most ardent outdoorsy folks enjoy their creature comforts, such as a warm bed, a bathroom, and a TV to watch the news or the latest vocal competition. 

Now, when it comes to televisions in RVs, you might not know that there are differences between regular TVs for the home and TVs that are made specifically for RVs. Well, there are, but do you really need an RV-specific TV or can you use a regular one?

Let’s first compare notes about RV-specific TVs and home TVs. RVs televisions:

  1. Are often built to withstand the excessive vibrations of an RV during travel while home TVs are not
  2. May offer dual voltage power connections, with both 12-volt and 120-volt options, while home TVs will be 120-volt only; 12-volt TVs can operate off your battery but 120-volt units require shore power.
  3. Claim to be resistant to the frequent and extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations RV campers can experience, things a regular home TV may not be engineered to withstand 
  4. Can often be much more expensive than regular TVs

While the case for RV-specific televisions seems like a good one, most RVers draw the line at price. When an RV TV costs way more than a regular TV, many people opt to install a regular TV instead. Why spend thousands of dollars on a TV when you can spend a couple hundred? 

So ultimately the answer to the question of whether or not you really need an RV-specific TV is: It depends. 

The type of TV you choose should really hinge on your rig’s setup, power options, and your specific needs. For example, if you’re looking for a TV to use outside for tailgating parties, you may want to look for a unit that is better suited to outdoor temperatures and humidity levels than a standard TV might be. But, if you simply want a reasonably priced screen for inside your rig to occasionally watch a show or movie on, then a regular home TV could work just fine for you. Keep in mind that you’ll need to secure the TV properly with a wall mount or tabletop mount to ensure it doesn’t move in transit.

Have you ever purchased an RV-specific TV before? Was it worth it in your opinion? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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