What is Harvest Hosts?

harvest hosts

If you’re an RVer who is active online, constantly searching for helpful how-tos, reading about experiences other RVers have had, and looking up recommendations for places to camp, you may have heard about Harvest Hosts. But what is it?

Harvest Hosts is an online membership program that allows self-contained RVs to stay overnight for free in unique places – think wineries, museums, breweries, and farms. Members have access to an app that features an online directory of host locations and contact information. The app also includes an interactive Host Map where you can search for locations by state, city, or route, and even by RV length allowed.

Curious? Keep reading to get the answers to a few frequently asked questions!

What does “self-contained” mean?

This means that you must have a toilet and built-in holding tanks for wastewater. All types and classes of RVs are allowed (even towed options) at Host locations, but sleeping in tents, tent pop-outs, mini-vans, and cars is not allowed. Also, many locations do not offer water and electricity hookups, so be prepared to boondock.

How much does it cost?

Harvest Hosts currently offers two different membership plan options:

  1. The first option called Harvest Hosts Classic costs $79 per year and gives members access to unlimited free overnight stays at just over 1,000 unique spots across the U.S. and Canada. Plus, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee, a newsletter, and more.
  2. The second plan option is called Harvest Hosts + GOLF and has everything the Classic plan offers, plus access to 357 additional Host locations at golf courses and country clubs and access to their spa facilities and restaurants. This plan costs $119 per year.

How do hosts make money if the stays are free?

As members of Harvest Hosts, RVers are encouraged to support Host businesses. That may mean buying a few tickets to tour a museum near where you’re parked or buying a bottle or two of wine from the winery where you’re staying. This allows Hosts to continue having guests on their properties for free. RV members are asked to call ahead before arriving at a location and arrive during business hours so they can properly support the Host business.

How long can you stay at a Host location?

The agreement is for RVers to only stay one night in a particular location. This means that if you’re looking to stay in just one spot for a week or more, choosing Harvest Hosts won’t be ideal for you. However, for overnight trips or even trips during which you’re moving around more frequently, Harvest Hosts is an excellent option.

If you like the idea of staying in unique locations that are off the beaten path, Harvest Hosts could be a great membership for you.

Are you a Harvest Hosts member? What do you like about it, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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