Is Having an Outdoor Kitchen in Your RV Worth It?

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Many RVs today come with an added feature – the outdoor kitchen. Depending on the model, an outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a mini fridge in a storage bay to the tricked-out mini gourmet kitchens that slide out of the side of rigs, a feature any top-tier tailgating fanatic would want to have. 

But is having an outdoor kitchen worth it? We think so! Here are a few reasons to consider one:

  • You can choose a rig with the items you really need – A typical outdoor kitchen may come with a mini fridge, hot and/or cold water access via a sink, one- or two-burner cooktop, microwave, counter space, and even a grill. But there are variations on this and you can look for models that have the setup you’d make the most use of. Many RVers say the fridge, sink, and cooktop are the MVPs in their outdoor kitchens. 
  • Keeps you outside a little bit longer –  If enjoying the outdoors is one reason you go camping, why cut your time outside short by cooking inside your rig? Whip up your famous camp breakfast by day and fire-grilled steak and veggies by night outside! If inclement weather is a concern, add an awning or tent to your camping setup that can help protect you from the elements. 
  • Limits heat and moisture from affecting your rig – As any RV enthusiast can tell you, water and heat are the two most dangerous things that an RV can come into contact with. Why? Because moisture and elevated temps can lead to mold, rot, and the deterioration of the seals around windows, along the roofline, and more. Cooking inside your rig can add quite a bit of heat and moisture (and smoke!) into the cabin, but cooking in an outdoor kitchen can keep that outside your rig and lessen the impact on its structural integrity. 
  • Keeps dirt and insects outside – Having an outdoor kitchen means that when you need a snack, another beverage, or supplies to make s’mores, you won’t need to run in and out of the rig. This will help keep insects from getting inside and you (and your kids or grandkids!) will track less dirt and grime inside, keeping your rig cleaner and more pristine. 

If buying a rig with a pre-made outdoor kitchen isn’t in the cards, don’t fret. You can easily set up a makeshift kitchen on a budget! Just get a collapsible table, cooler, a grill (tabletop, coal, or propane), an induction hot plate, and any other item that could help you cook more efficiently outside.

Have you ever camped with an outdoor kitchen? What did you like or dislike about it? Let us know in the comments or contact us today!

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